Self-worth and confidence

As many countries are being moved into another lockdown remember….

Health is what you are. The feeling of personal satisfaction and self-worth is what keeps our natural state of health up. Health is a reflection of the relationship with our self, our soul satisfaction and the possibility we create to live that self-love in our lives. Nothing can harm you when you remain in happiness, soul-confidence and self-worth up, when you keep your frequency up. Like this you can see the higher perspective in any situation. And you are able to take measured action.

We are open systems of energy connecting with all other energy. But we also have the tool of frequency shift, of light upgrade, of choice for love. Use it, practice it. There is nothing in the world that we cannot transmute.

This virus is no danger to us. It certainly doesn’t justify a global economic lockdown.
The depression that is created in the world by the decision to interfere on such a deep and perverted fear level with people’s dreams and visions for self-evolution and cooperation is far more damaging.


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