What does that mean to remember?

Some people might not have a positive response to the word remember.

They might think that its better to be in the now and look forward to their future. To forget what was in their lives. Well, in many ways I agree. But then again, we are not made to forget. We are the living archives of what we experience for the highest good of our own soul evolution. It is in our power to transmute that data in the light of our awareness and forgiveness. We are divine alchemists after all.

Secret shared, you cannot be in the now unless you remember what you are. Why? Because being in the now is not a mental decision. It is your natural state once your unconscious wounding is being healed and your mind can entrust itself into relaxation and stillness. Once you remember that you don’t need to hold on to anything, to control anything. Because what you are is of a much higher kind than control and fear.

This kind of remembering of a higher order is divine. It concerns your cosmic presence and beingness. And when this knowing starts to buzz and sing, something magical happens. Fear drops from us like snow melting in the sun. And when the fear is gone, we finally begin to live.

So the one memory that really counts is this one: you are endless and vast soul light. If you can have this one switched on day and night, not just switched on but understood and experienced deeply in your being, then you move into the factual freedom of the NOW and that now will feel exactly as vast and free as you are….it is your soul experiencing its nameless and measureless size.

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