The end of the week or the beginning of a new cycle? A spiral moving upwards? Time has no end and no beginning, so why be afraid of Mondays? It’s just another beam of light lifting you into new experiences and powerful shifts.

Still, many of us probably feel like it’s too soon to move into another 5 days of routine when it’s Sunday evening. First of all, kick the routine out! Secondly, celebrate what is NOW. Every thought creates, so better think fromout a place of celebration and gratefulness to magnetise the higher aspects of all things possible.

In our SUNDAYZ session, we use imagination and visualisation to create the outcomes we seek in the week ahead. We are all gifted with this power tool called imagination and it is time we learned how to use it from pure intention.

Beautiful beyond imagination ~ #encouragement ...

How can we know what matters then? Well, soul knows. Soul has perfect timing. Listen in and FEEL what wants to be born and experienced. Let it become loud so that information can reach your conscious mind and be translated into a thought, or an image of creation.

Here is a fun game to play: First FEEL what wants to surface in you in order to be created. Maybe a project needs to get kick-started or a phone call wants to be made, or the experience of deep peace is sought. Tune into it and walk around in the image of it.
Then use your mental space and list the things that your mind tells you should be realized. Do you feel the difference? When soul speaks, we feel empowered and free. When the mind speaks, we often feel scolded and take decisions out of fear or guilt. A rather low vibration which will attract equally low events or results. Always create from your higher self, your soul insights and longing. And give yourself all you desire.

JOIN OUR SUNDAYZ TRIBE and try it out!
Email me your phone number and you’re in!

8PM, Zurich time

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