My healing work

In my energy work, I use highly trained intuition and pure intention to release old information in the body. When high frequency light touches us, something shifts, and freedom of choice, and self-love are remembered in our being. The healing can begin. 

From there, our mental and emotional patterns rebalance. We regain clarity about what we are, and are more able to feel joy and trust, and to take conscious decisions in our lives.

I offer healing with great love and respect for the human being. It is important to me that the people I work with, eventually choose to intuit their lives and learn to self-heal.

My work is subtle, non-invasive and deep. I work on the body and remotely. It is suitable for all ages, challenges and conditions. I happily pre-discuss your needs in a free phone consultation. 

“When we remember what we are, we can heal. We begin to heal ourselves. As long as we don’t remember, we let others treat us.”

“Lillian did light surgery on my heart. She goes directly to the blockages and melts old data away.” S.K., Vienna

“I immediately felt it when Lillian started her remote work on me. Something shifted. Unbelievable power.” S.F., England

“Her ability to see into soul trajectories is beyond this world. She helped my entire family.” J.E.A., Scotland

“It was exactly what I needed. I was stuck and confused, and Lillian cleared my blockage in a remote healing session.” A-M.B., Sweden

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