All there is, is energy.

“When you remember who you are, you can heal; you will begin to heal yourself. As long as you don’t remember, you let others treat you.”

The human being is energy. All there is, is energy. And all energy exchanges at all times. Where we differ is in our frequency. Or rather our capacity to raise our frequency.

Whenever lower frequency as pain, depression, chronic or acute illness, stress and other imbalances shows itself, we’re called upon to move our light into the body, or a situation to rebalance it. To heal and self-heal.

This knowledge has been forgotten by most humans.

I am here to help people remember what it means to be powerful light and how to raise our frequency to release cellular memory, all kinds of pain, dysfunction, and imbalances.

I’d feel honoured to guide your healing process with integrity and respect.  

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All images used on this website are cited from the internet and will be replaced in due time with my own photographs. I am truly grateful to everyone who lets me use their magnificent material for a brief moment.

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