How I work

Ashfield, FK15, just outside Dunblane, Stirlingshire.
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Bridge of Allan, at the Wee Healing Room of the  Wee Yoga Room, 88 Henderson St, Bridge of Allan, Stirling FK9 4EX. Less flexibility in terms of days and times.

How is it applied?

A session usually lasts about 60-120 minutes.
The client lies fully dressed on the massage bed. During the session, some verbal exchange might take place, or the energy work is done in silence.
Before and after the session a verbal exchange is offered.

Preventive and complementary

Craniosacral work, in general, is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to dis-ease, and support our immune system. It is a perfect complement to talking therapies, and is acknowledged as part of comprehensive tumour treatments.

Visits are possible 

I also visit the people I work with at home, or go to hospitals and hospices, or any other institution where I am called to serve. Depending on the distance, extra costs might occur.

Price per session in person in the UK

£45 per session for 60 minutes. Every extra 15 minutes for £11.
The first session will be 80-90 minutes, I will charge £60.

Concessions are possible for 3 and more sessions.

If you cannot afford to give these rates then please talk to me. We will find a solution.  

Likewise, if you are able to give more, then please consider doing so. This will help someone else who can otherwise not afford the treatment.

For appointments email to, or contact me at 079 4905 9677.



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Pain release through energy healing is suitable for all ages.