©Ascension Healing Cranio

AscensionCranio is Ascension Healing in service of all beings on earth, as well as mother herself. To release cellular memory from this and any other life time, and to raise our frequency, so everything that holds us back to stand in our full power can leave us.

“Self-Healing is the decision to clear out the old and to call in higher energies.”

I’d like to point out 5 aspects to describe my practice:

  • AscensionCranio balances cellular memoryduring a deep release session, cell memory is released from sth emotional body, this information can often be experienced as light, colour  or heat/cold or in crucial imagery from this and other life times. AC can welcome and help understand and release this information and replace or connect it with higher frequency;
  • AscensionCranio knows that we create our bodies through our thoughts and emotions, and that we can raise the vibration in our bodies at will to self-heal, i. e. negative thinking, a lack of self-love and continuous emotions (all emotions are negative) like anger or sadness create low energy in the body, and in time pain, illness and other imbalances. Our thought patterns must be understood, the old breathed out and higher energy invited into the body system;
  • AscensionCranio acknowledges specific illnesses or dysfunction but restores the all-over balance to support self-healing, i. e. a hurting back is often the result of a feeling of lack of support in life, it is likely that when your throat chakra is balanced and you can speak your truth and are able to express your needs, your back will heal. AC can also connect to specific soul aspects to see where the lack of self-expression stems from;
  • AscensionCranio acknowledges that we are multi-dimensional beings who can reach into all of time to release harm, and receive healing, i. e. whether the information that is creating density is from this or any other life time, from our or the collective cellular memory, does not matter. All energy is one, and all that is and ever was, can be released now.
  • AscensionCranio acknowledges the four-body system and the 12 chakra system to release cellular memory, and clear out low frequency and energies that are not for our highest good i.e our Solar Plexus holds information we have taken on from others, judgement others had moved into us, we must clear it to find into full self-love and confidence.

AscensionCranio offers

  • deep relaxation down to the cell level as the primary condition for all healing;
  • physical, emotional and mental rebalancing, working with all 4 higher bodies;
  • to raise your Light Quotient, the amount of light you hold in your physical, emotional, mental and light body, to support cell cleansing and the release of low vibration (blockages, pain);
  • to increase physical mobility and motility, and release chronic illnesses, back pain, knee pain, sinusitis, migraines, as well as post-accident and post-operative trauma in the body
  • before, during and after pregnancy to release un/conscious low information in the cell memory of the mother’s or father’s body that can complicate a more enjoyable pregnancy or birth experience, ideally both parents bodies are cleared before calling down a soul;
  • clarity about mental patterns that effect density in the body, like fatigue, depression, the feeling of being stuck, dysfunctions, as well as making harmful choices (over-eating, smoking, etc.) and the release of those mental patterns;
  • conscious and unconscious cell-memory release for trauma release, using Somato Emotional Release (SER);
  • breathing exercises and meditation on the ascended 12-chakras for energetic re-connection with the earth and higher energy aspects.
© 2017 AscensionCranio, Temple of the One True Light, in honour of Lord Voosloo Highest incarnated Master in Atlantis, my love, brother-father-mother guide, Universal Angel Metatron, mighty brother, and my sisters, the many golden Goddesses of love and ancient wisdom to guide me in their highest light. 


AscensionCranio is highly recommended within palliative care to safely guide the dying person back into his or her reality as an universal and eternal being. The higher perspective of AscensionCranio can greatly help to orient a person during the process of letting go of the body and this life-time on earth, to create energetic balance in the body, mind and to enlighten the soul if needed.

Also, it is good to know that it is never too late for change and release of lower vibration in the body to let in higher frequency light. AscensionCranio can help children and human beings of any age.