Ashfield Sangha

Silent and guided meditation on the heart

Monday morning cleanser

Silent meditation on the heart is needed in the world. When our mind body surrenders to the heart to ask for guidance, the two can go on as equal partners, and we can manifest with clarity and joy.

To start your day in a focusing and cleansing way is beneficial to your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. You learn to let go of  what you no longer need and root yourself deeply within yourself.

It is a powerful experience to sit in silence with others to raise your vibration.

We can meditate in silence, we can practice guided techniques, or tone together to release stuck energy in the body. Sometimes some stretching, or yoga practice is needed before starting to sit.

There will be as much assistance at hand as you need.

Let us create a space of trust and joy that will carry us through the week!

Starts June 13, 2016

6.30-8 AM, Ashfield Village Hall
For everyone who is interested or curious



Enter through the wooden door at the back of the building (not street side).

You can come in at any time, and stay as long as you want. Enjoy ten minutes or an hour, or two hours. Whatever a given day calls you to do.

Come in your pyjamas and bring you tea or coffee if that brings your threshold down. No judgement.

Leave your shoes outside the meditation room. Bring warm socks if needed.
Gym matts, and chairs are available, bring as many pillows and blankets as you need. Other little helpers are welcome too, like your yoga matt, music, or incense sticks, flowers to meditate on.

This is our Sangha, we write and change the rules together.


If you want to participate in this Sangha please email me. Or send a text.

If you would love to join this Sangha but cannot attend these hours, please let me know too, we might be able to form a second group. It is important to know how much interest is out there.

If you are interested in individual paid sessions, let me know.





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