Choosing, not choosing right, is what matters

I heard of a young woman whose relationship came to an unexpected end and she had to not only gather herself up and leave but also to find a new home. She felt at a loss to figure out what was right for her now.

What many of us forget is that it doesn’t matter so much what we choose next using our best momentary judgment but that we MOVE AT ALL. When we take a decision, any decision, the universe can comply. It becomes the wind under our wings. Indecisiveness or unexpress Ed, unconscious needs are very hard to read for our spirit helpers. In the universe clarity matters greatly, after all, it is a quantum field we are moving in in this universe and on earth. We create our realities based on our intention. Intention is our heart based decision making, direct, fast and unfiltered.

So, when things change radically around you, find a place, a room, a cafe, a place in nature or whatever can offer you a safe realm to unwind, recentre and find clarity for what you want next, what you need next in your life. Remember what you are.

Accept the utter unresolvedness of this moment in your life, realize how momentary it is, and ask for a way out, a little help, a sign. In this way, you remember against all odds that YOU create your life. You called this learning in and when you have remembered and integrated that you can choose to move on, you ARE BEING MOVED ON, IN POWER AND IN CO-CRÉATION with the universe.

Maybe someone offers you to sleep on their sofa for a few nights or to housesit while they go away or you read a motivating article or are invited to go for a walk with a neighbor. Don’t be too proud or think it useless, it most certainly is help sent to you and will lead to the next step. Remain open and trusting and in love with your Self, so you can move out of the outer chaos into inner calm, centredness and clarity.

You are clearly moving up now!

Inner power

We all hold light to clear and rebalance our subliminal soul wounds. Which affects the way we feel inside. Whether we’re at peace and hold a high-level of unconscious competence. Which means Weare not yo-yo-ing anymore. We become stable.

It all has to do where we spring from within ourselves. Keep focusing on your inner state. Find your soul wounds and sit with them, cuddle them, love them up, use your God vibration light, and bath your eou ds in this light that is beyond shadow.

How to heal emotions?

There are as many angles and preferences to heal what sits too tight and pains us as there are humans on the planet.

One thing they all have in common, though, we no longer run from them. Stop, turn around, and you might find out that what chases you was a schmoozing cat and not a tiger. Give your power of awareness to your fear, and BANG, it all reshapes, resizes, reorganise, and releases. Your light is BIG BANG material, believe me!

When you sit and watch your wounds, the transformation starts. In love. Call in all the love and Self-honoring moments you can remember from your many, many travels in this and other dimensions, they will all fly towards you pulled in through the electromagnetics of your intention to upgrade and heal. Everything is based on pure intention in this quantum universe. Set your intention, connect with Self, instruct Self and all helpers, and greet the morphing and shifting, the release of shadow in awe and gratefulness. Please make sure to replace lower data with higher light and awareness, a more positive and nurturing energy. This is how we do it in the upper spirit layers in many universes as well as within mother, in the centre of the earth. Deep grarutyte to all of you to meet shadow as the light warriors and lovers that you are.


Data like broken coal

A few days back I scanned the body of an awesome woman and mother of 4. why do I call her awesome? Because she has so much space in her being to move with the wind. To follow leads to be open, curious, then intense and upshaking.

On her right I found a large piece of broken up coal. The spirit world has a way to translate data into metaphors. She has been burned, her right side, action giving out side, her male side, her relationship side with man and male stuff, was burned out. This is not a definition of victimisation. Far from it. It means she has chosen many experiences with men, father, the male in her to understand it. She got close to see and now to understand. So there was this data and it was shown to me together with some pictures, some clear some vague.

It showed so it could be assessed, quick and fast. As we give attention all data, all wounding, all learning can be lifted into the light of consciousness where everything dissolves because it has taught us its lesson. The coal was cold and could be removed, done. Lower vibrational light becomes higher light. It always was light, even the darkest hours are light. What we have understood as energy resolves, dissolves, absolves, no matter what the outer circumstances are. We can stand tall and shining while the world does its dance of light and shadow, learn to watch it, shining your light into it, and not be pulled by it.

We identify, compare, defy and compete too much with this world around us. While truly it is all chimera, ever changing in color and quality depending on our lens. Everything, absolutely everything exists IN US, BEGINS AND ENDS IN US. From out this place we can enlighten all former confusion. Shift the camera, guys, shift the camera!

This was exactly the moment in the life of this wonderful woman. Time to turn down the volume of what others say from out their wounded selves, it is the beginning of radically putting her heart and eyes and ears into the center of her inner being to see and decide from their. Find her balance between giving, giving out and pulling in. Not stretching herself thin trying to be RIGHT. She is perfect, we all are perfect as the lovelight that we are.

Torn between saving the world and watching a new series on Netflix

My sister and I went through few days of being torn between wanting to realize our dreams and projects, and feeling like something constantly pulled the break. Really unpleasant this pull in two directions. I have not checked the Schuhmann resonance yet, it might well have an influence (it is a scientific measurement to indicate the level of energy, which is flooding the earth to upgrade us all). My sister feels its the premenstrual hormones making it hard to be in satisfying production flow, which is interesting to observe. Blockages and fear patterns show more clearly in those times.

I decide to explore another path, though. I sit with the information that I find in me, that stark and calling bit of densified data in my chest. First there is this the emotion of tangible despair. A roughly 30 centimeter long twisted whitish bit of energy torn, just right of my heart in the middle of my body. I sense into it and make immediate contact with deep fear of failure, a very old wound of not having achieved before what I came here to do. Hundreds if not thousands of times. Each of these lives have been training or boot camps on this planet to prepare myself to face shadow, to deal with shadow on earth, around her and in her and in all the beings. I am ready. And still this old, old wound ….that reverberates somewhere in the vastness of my soul aspects, in one or the other of my billions of life-experience-threads…has the power to shake me. Enough to create a blockage in my higher trust and deep-seated knowing of freedom and flow. What to do?

I sit down in silence and contact my spirit team to heal the wounding where my body indicates that it sits white and shining. And to harmonize this healing with my intense urge to succeed, to be love and light and to raise up into the highest layers of this and other universes to do work there. To pull down as much healing light as I possibly can. So, my list to my spirit team goes as follows: Harmonisation of the data in my wound, the unimpeded will to push on and up and the former experience of what my mental pattern labels “failure”. Secondly, the continuous and unhindered flow of manifestation of my increasing soul confidence, subliminal and not. Third, complete integration of my highest soul-god-light in my body. Oh, yes, never be modest with what you so very much feel in you, tell the universe…it is on the outlook for human incarnates who dare to reach back up into the full glory of their light-love…

This is very deep work on very old wounds who hold layers and layers of conscious and unconscious data to be cleared and loved up. More clearing will be needed, and it will show me more shadow. Be it mine or be it from the collective. Each time the (light) work at hand gains authority. Meaning the speed for change increases.

When you choose to relax, do it properly

You know what I did yesterday? Absolutely nothing. OK, I felt mildly ill from a cold. ALso, and this was a much stronger feeling, I needed to step out, out of everything, even out of the sunshine and the beauty of this world. I decided to not work and also didn’t do the other reasonable thing, to go for a walk, or even sit in a cafe with an enticing book. All of which I LOOOOVE DOING. Yesterday it was even less that called me. Doing nothing. Just lying on my sofa watching something and dozing off every now and then. Oh, yes, the idea of guilt knocked on my door briefly and I considered it. But my heart said no. I felt my light shine strong below all this three dimensional “hanging loose” and seemingly inactive state. Something in my soul was mending by allowing myself to just be. Thoughtless, guiltless, fearless. Was it a waste of my brief time on earth? My mind cannot answer this, it is trained into pushing and fearing with or without cause. My heart seemed at it ease, though, and my body so happy to not move, to not matter in a loving way. I felt gently nudged back under my blanket until mz kids came back from school and I appreciated their guidance for the rest of the day, following our schedule in deep “goal-lessness”.

The need for deep nothingness can call us on any day of the week, not just on a Sunday. Rest assured you will jump back into action soon enough!

All we let flow, will come back to us enriched

The relationship you have with yourself, is mirrored in every situation of your life. Do you feel like you fail yourself or that you fail others a lot? Do you feel guilty and lacking every day?

You cannot give what is not activated and accessed in you. You are abundance but if your negative thoughts block the fullness of your being, it cannot flow outward. Abundance and freedom cannot be felt. Give and you will receive, activate, awaken within you what you want from the world. An equal relationship? Then treat others with love, compassion and trust. Do you miss joy and lightness in your life? Well, start to give that to the world, find it and cultivate it within yourself first.

Today in a session the healthy, confident and determined 6-year old etheric version of my much older client appeared and guided the session to some part. She helped her older self to remember her clarity and self-respect. Hopefully this experience will allow her to activate her self-love and self-care so all these good things can begin to flow back to her once more.

Only what we give can flow back.