So, what is it you offer your clients?

I got asked yesterday by a mum of a friend of my daughter: “So, what is it that you offer to the people you work with?”

I said: “I clear density in the body. Density occurs when we repeat thoughts and emotional patterns of a low vibration. Thoughts like I am not good enough, or simply, I am not enough. It is really what all fears and anxiety, all stress, comes down to: I am not enough.” We forgot about our divinity and what that means: I am divine. As long as we don’t remember that we come from love and light, from the universe, and are part of Source, as long as we forget what these words mean in our daily lives, we will create pain in us and around us. We will be angry a lot because we feel we have less than we deserve, or be depressed, cause we feel we got what we deserve, namely not much. We’ll think we can’t change things and we’re stuck. We are accepting the illusion as reality.

The truth is we co-create everything in our lives. We create every situation and we create each other. We constantly choose, love or fear, joy or doubt. Constantly.

I try to love enough density out of a body, a physical mental and emotional body, so the light can come in. The memory of who we are can come back in, the wisdom can come back. Often a lot needs clearing, so it’s not done in one session. It is up to the client to go as far as she or he can and wants to. Healing, becoming whole, is a process, a journey. Every journey has her own wisdom and her own pace.”

Every healer offers a frequency increase really, releases density, it’s only the skills and talents that each one of us has that differ.

Autism – wisdom withdrawn

Autism — wisdom withdrawnprotect_our_mother_earth_by_lhianne-d63y246

Some souls come in on such a high vibration that they have to withdraw parts of their soul for protection. We call them autistic. Humans that are unable to connect. Actually, they are communicating very clearly, telling us that our world needs to change, raise its vibration, re-gain wisdom and live in unity instead of fear and control. How can it be that we cannot sense and understand that information? Once the vibration on earth has changed,  these messengers can show themselves in full and share their wisdom and knowledge.


Meditation for Mums

I am more and more aware that many mothers I meet look for a moment of deep quiet. Away from male energy to balance their own male-female vibration maybe. A place where they can sink into their natural rhythm, that of mother earth. Deep and steady.

A place where we can experience nurturing, and being held.

I’d like to offer a class at my home on Fridays, 10-11AM. In a small circle of women, we will learn to anchor ourselves well, to breath to release what we no longer want to hold in. To clear our throats from the things we’ve never said fully, held in, or uttered in a harmful way. We will sit in silence to connect with our deep wisdom. With our needs that must be heard to guide us powerfully on our ways.

“I have never succeeded to let go of my thoughts, until I started to meditate with Lilly.” 

Of course men/dads are very welcome too.

We will clear our density, and learn to release pain in our body in meditation.

Get in touch if you feel like joining! 07949059677
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NEW Kidz Mindfulness class

8 year old meditation

I have started to let parents know that I’d love to start a new class for kids. One that combines breathing exercises, toning, meditation, and mindfulness games in a free and relaxed atmosphere.

Many of our children don’t breath “right”, they don’t fill their lungs enough to take in a good amount of oxygen for their cells and brains, and they don’t release the used air fully enough. Many don’t know how to ground themselves to move confidently through challenges. There is a lot that can be explored in full respect of each child’s limits.

This will be fun!!

Parents feel left out: On April 29 I plan to offer a Family Meditation & Mindfulness, hmmm, shall we call it a party?

Get in touch for either one: 07949059677

Slow down, wise up! Meditation is back.

The meditation class at the Dunblane Community Centre restarts February 6, 2018.

Breath, rebalance, heal – honour the gifts of every moment. Slow down, wise up!

Tuesday, 6-7PM, Function Room. After that every Tuesday. CANCELLED AT THE MOMENT

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Blessings to you all!



Come and enjoy a glorious Light Bath for Rejuvenation!

Raise your Light Quotient for Self-Healing and a natural boost

We will clear the physical, emotional and mental body and our energy field to be filled with bright light, inner smiles and joy. We will invoke arching Metatron, the ascension light master, for this meditation.

This is a powerful cleanser and wonderful natural boost for our entire system, clearing out stuff that we held on to for potentially many life times — we will leave all tingly with joy!

Let go of the old stuff, mental and emotional densities and shadows at the end of the year.

If the moon will show we can also do a quick outdoors light exchange with this great friendly master!

DEC 3, 2017
Ashfield Village Hall

£10 Bring your yoga mat or/and pillow, chairs are available