All we let flow, will come back to us enriched

The relationship you have with yourself, is mirrored in every situation of your life. Do you feel like you fail yourself or that you fail others a lot? Do you feel guilty and lacking every day?

You cannot give what is not activated and accessed in you. You are abundance but if your negative thoughts block the fullness of your being, it cannot flow outward. Abundance and freedom cannot be felt. Give and you will receive, activate, awaken within you what you want from the world. An equal relationship? Then treat others with love, compassion and trust. Do you miss joy and lightness in your life? Well, start to give that to the world, find it and cultivate it within yourself first.

Today in a session the healthy, confident and determined 6-year old etheric version of my much older client appeared and guided the session to some part. She helped her older self to remember her clarity and self-respect. Hopefully this experience will allow her to activate her self-love and self-care so all these good things can begin to flow back to her once more.

Only what we give can flow back.

Anger in us

I wanted to initially write about the importance of the human being to work with all the data we have available in our being. All the libraries in our etheric and in our cells, our physical. The chakras, the centers of energy in us, above us and below us need to he cleared and expanded. The ascended chajras have not made it into the conscious work of many loving teachers and light workers yet. That will change soon.

Well, but see, I sit in a train while writing and have to overhear a couple one group of seats over from mine. The woman seems to own some solid strength of mind and speaks with a demanding voice. She cuts her partner short at will, shuts him up and criticizes him. It seems insensitive and incoherent behavior. Controlling and repressing. She jumps from a moment of kindness to impatience and anger. Is she aware of this? What Programme is she running, what survival strategy? Everybody is dumm around me, I alone get it? Mixed in with the underlying fear of not being heard. Can we trust in the world when we cut the vibes and vibrations of trust in us short? Can we relax, deeply, can our soul’s blueprint mend when in this mode?

It is a great step into relaxation when we start to listen. To our own thoughts, the grinding in our heads and hearts. Slow down and breath. Sense into your own wound. Zoom into it and love it up. The world is at your service, triggering every single unhealed moment of your life. So say thanks, own this holographic plasma called reality. Work with it, lift it, clear it, love it up!

Is depression a choice?

I talked today to a young woman who went through a major change in her life. A mother of three moving from a complacent and naturebond life into a situation that one could describe as more conform. Work and school now dictate the flow of the family. She told me, “This is a moment where I realize I can let go and drift into depression or I see the opportunity to work on my pain points.”

This is an impressive assessment. We have choice, always. And the higher choice, the elevating choice comes from within. Is directed by our inner state. Do we remember we can choose fearlessness, can we remember we can choose to slow down and trust that when we breath deeply and put in our 50 % that we will be met in the middle by an army of light forces, higher circumstances and opportunities to not just move on but up? Can we choose to trust that this is FOR US, yes, I know this can be hard to accept, that this TOO, is for us when we feel stuck?

I have people seen heal into movement within minutes. Out of depression into connection. I also know that wounding can be very complex and very old. Etherically and physically.

It becomes an obsession

The Self is a bit of an obsession of mine just now. How to put into words what I experience when being it?

See, when I had first moved to Holland about 9 years ago, I sat in meditation for the first time. Before I would just go in and out of the body without noticing it much. I would have conversations with higher beings, beings in other dimensions ceaselessly, half aware most of the time. When I consciously sat down on that Monday evening to follow a guided meditation, all hell broke free in me. Or rather, all light, laughter, joy. It was so big, so loud, an enormous explosion of sounds and golden sparkles. And still it happened in a body that did not stir a nerve or muscle on the outside. As I came out of it, I had lost access to my brain. Again, hard to put into words. Except that everything that seemed to confine the world, separate the moments and experiences, was gone. It seemed unaccessible, or like an empty room. I could feel, finally, really feel my heart, or just feel. I felt HERE. No body, just being here and free and without worry. This never fully left me. It became the ability to sit deeply inside myself, while the world can go mad around me. From that place the journey goes on, it is not the end, the holy grail. It only just begins from there. The hunger to know more, to remember all, and to bring it down here into this life. To realize the Self, I guess.

So, the Self. I experience it as a vast space, a space of light. It is always here, just beneath the surface of this physical, connected light, holding it up, but clearly autarch from it to. It can be without the body. The body not without it. My mind cannot fathom this space, because it has no end or shape. It constantly morphs. This again I just say to ease my mind, while I am writing this. When in it, there are no words needed. It is ISNESS, I assume.

Why does this Self matter to someone who is here to clear data, to support others to heal their wounds? Because when in this space, it is clear as day, that all wounding is transforming unless we stop it. Again, ALL WOUNDING IS TRANSFORMING UNLESS WE STOP IT. How? Through our thoughts. deep, deep unconscious thought and more conscious thought along the lines of: I don’t deserve.

Sitting in this higher Self is not ABSTRACT. THAT is my main concern. To meet Your Self every day, is the ultimate healing pill. It’s your gas station and flower park in one. And the ultimate prevention method for further or new ailment and blockage. Questions?

Practice clearing shadow or wounding, densities and blockages.

Breathing versus fear

I worked with a client today who told me that he had experienced sudden existential angst during a singing practice.

Singing is a vibrational practice, a great clearer. Density or held down negative experiences and wounds can get shaken up. This is in general what you want when you choose to heal. For the information to show so it can be melted in the light of awareness. LITERALLY.. We are meant to use the what that we are, light and energy, as a tool. A tool for healing.

My client was unaware and chose fear instead. Will I now get a heart attack? In the session we practiced breathing with measure, with intention, with a higher consciousness in order to move through a pain moment with trust. So it can be what it means to be – a moment of healing. No signal communicates more reliably to our system that everything is OK than deep and slow breathing.

On 12.12. you can join an online healing training. We will clear the electromagnetics of our heart consciousness to free ourselves from wounding. Sign up here

What is this Self we are supposed to love?

We need to close the gap between our human personality and our higher Self, our true essence, our grand and limitless Self. Self is space. Self is time. Time and Space are within.

Self is the consciousness of light and love.

Self is not identified with ego and fear. This higher Self we can only meet within. As space and stillness it is in harmony with the stillness and the freedom of nature and the cosmos itself.

The energy called unicorn

When I sat with some friends around the birthday table of my son a few days ago, someone said, “I wonder why we all have to deal with unicorns these days. The term even exists in business (for someone who is very versatile) and in politics (labeling something as unreal or unrealistic)? Oh, I could have explained. I did not feel it was the time or setting to do so, though. Now let me clarify: the energy which has been called unicorn since a very, very long time on earth, is an ascended energy. Just like angelic energy, it is 5 and 7 dimensional vibrational field. Meaning we can now, that our planet has risen up, approach it and work with it. These energies are at service to humanity. The connect us up, the lift our frequency so we can activate higher energies and knowing in us. The unicorn comes in through the Stargate of Lyra, the moon and the chalice above our heads. We can call unicorn energy in when we need emotional clearing, and purity of feeling and thinking. I send it regularly to the children on this turbulous planet, so they can root themselves better and feel safer. It is no coincidence that more and more people sense and use it to enlarge their skill base.

Moving is Clearing

Moving our bodies clears shadow. Do you know that feeling when you sat behind your computer writing or working on something and your body is completely neglected for hours, yoru mood sinks, your inspiration starts to get stuck, maybe you even get slightly sick. Well, it’s a sign that we need to get up and move! Once we stand in the fresh air, in the wind, in the sun, close to water, maybe, once we feel our muscles work, our breathing deepen, we automatically push shadow out. Shadiow does attach in this world. This universe is a shadow-light universe and we MUST WORK WITH OUR LIGHT daily to rid ourselves of shadow. Not jst to clear old fears and wounds, but to get rid of others’ shadow. When we walk the street or go to the supermarket, we pick up shadow. Nothing to worry about, we can clear this if every thought we think. If we practice purity of thought, we clear constantly. If we move daily, doing exercises or Yoga, going for a walk, a brief jog in the cool air, we push shadow out. Equally, when we go into deep meditation. Or when we drink water and imagine/see its high level of consciousness melt away shadow in every cell…really see this, imagine it feel the light quotient rising in your cells, see the bright light!

We are movement, we are motion. Let this happen. Give yourself permission to be motion, to be energy, to clear all of what you are. You have all the means within you!

“1-11 is all about light and light initiation into action. Practice your freedom of choice! Make a higher choice, lift yourself up! The ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE TODAY IS THAT OF TRANSCENDING: CHOOSE FEARLESSNESS AND LOVE IN EVERY MOMENT OF TODAY.”