Welcome to my blog where I share my best stuff about how to clear blocked data in our unconscious and conscious light webbed electro magnetics.

When our unconscious, subconscious and conscious layers heal and mend, our emotions and our thinking style become lighter. Lightening up, pulling out and melting away density and shadow, effectively releases pain in the physical, our denser energy body, too.

Deep dream

It is your deep dream that we need.

In your deep heart there is a world that is clear and powerful and pure.

Only you can read it.

If you trust nothing else trust this.

Spend all your dreaming hours on finding it and then pull it up into the light of realisation.

FREE morningstars in practice

Sing up now to partake in three morning clearings.
Sit comfortably while I guide you through an energy cleansing to lift your morning.
Start your day crisp and fresh.

February 10, 17 and 24, 2021
6 AM to 6.30 AM (Zurich time, Switzerland)

Send me an email and you’ll receive your Zoom link on Tuesday Feb 9.


Morning meditations are a powerful way to clear our inner eyes’ lens. Clearing and upgrading our energy fields first thing every day allows us to see the world as it is. Unwritten, neutrale, full of opportunities and as one. To clear what came free or what we have touched during the night makes all the difference to how you feel during the day.


I am producing a set of 21 morning practices, brief and sweet, to brighten up your mornings.
I keep you posted on how it goes…..I hope to launch the release on Feb 5. OR SIGN UP ON THIS BLOG TO RECEIVE UPDATES FROM ME.

Be magnetic

Increase the frequency of joy within you!

Science For The New Age | Unariun Wisdom - Part 3

Open up your purity codes and become magnetic for the good stuff in your life.

In our LIVE TRAINING we learn how to pump light into our electromagnetics with an immediate and increasing effect of becoming lighter and lighter. More and more at ease and alert.


Your audaciousness is called upon

Clear the matrix of every density within you!

The world is reaching a point where those who do no longer resonate with the new frequencies will elegantly and gently be invited to go somewhere where they are more at ease. This is needed so the harming of the energies on this sacred planet can come to an end.

The Race to Stellar Formation - Universe Today

For your own comfort, clear all negativity. Thought or speech.
Let your feeling state be calm and neutral, fresh and curious.

Relax and breath

As these coming weeks are a condensed version of 2020.

Remain deeply anchored inside.
Connect to your inner dreaming.
Dream this world into a higher place.

The planet needs this higher frequency from you.
The beauty of your colors and visions.
Be bold.


We sit in a time or better an experience on earth that asks for the deep heart to steady us.
The deep heart is rooted in the cosmic heart. Here we are in full connection, fully one with our unique aspects of our god essence. Our light codes and gifts.

Deep Sky Wide Field @ Portfolio Categories ...

Mechanically we can undig and lay free the resonance of the deep heart.
We can transmute lower beliefs into higher understanding by melting away the cement in our light waves. By lifting the wounding so we can remember our effortless existence.

Every Sunday we practice higher light surgery with our healer tribes. Feel free to dive into this experience for a trial.

SUNDAYZ, higherfacts.org, click on the pic on the homepage to sign up!

GET NEWS AND INSIGHTS ....to build up your Knowledge in Light Management and to receive FREE training!
Happy to work with you soon, Lillian Fellmann
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Thanks for choosing to know more.

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