Dear ones, wow, it feels like ages since I wrote to you last. Then again, I have left the old time concept so radically that it becomes normal to “remember” my actions more in a space of possibilities and expressions than on a linear line. I find it more interesting to create a new dimension, a new planet of every waking moment I embody, to make it full and conscious, instead of remembering what I said and have done yesterday.
How could yesterday matter, it is dissolved into this New Now for sure, and all that mattered then shows now in one way or another…it is of great value to our soul maturity to make conscious choices, the effect of our conscious and aware presence in our lives is beyond precious…yesterday feels good today which tells me that I strived to be awake and listen to my own feeling state, keeping it clear.

I am not saying this is easy. Far from it. But easy never interested me, again, a category that I find rather dull and useless. Easy is a mental category and like all mental categories exists in opposition to something else. Opposites are best dissolved, so we don’t get stuck when we try to figure out how we feel. We just FEEL. And whatever it is, give it some space and listen.

There is a lot of precision demanded from us at the moment. Feel what is, and then choose what to do with it. No more postponing, clear and cleanse, heal and transmute now. Immediately.

A group of friends and followers started a Sunday routine to clear old data from our cells and the unconscious. A week-end clean-up, one could say.

We apply simple high-frequency techniques which affect deeper layers than our daily emotional balance. Together with higher healer tribes and Creator Beings we then access the subliminal and early woundings. From there we stretch our energy into the earthly changes and challenges and shift and clear what is stuck as a group. Currently, group intention is in high demand as we are LITERALLY BUILDING THIS GOLDEN NOW NEW WORLD THOUGHT FOR THOUGHT. This is why we close the session with visualizing the (inner and outer) outcomes that matter to us and support our personal evolution for the week ahead. We are CREATOR BEINGS after all!


In English, many German speaking participants jumped into the session first doubting their ability to follow-but hey were they surprised! Energy can be felt by our full being even when the mind can’t compute a language on the logical level. Give it a try, or contact me.

Welcome to my blog where I share my best stuff about how to clear blocked data in our unconscious and conscious light webbed electro magnetics.

When our unconscious, subconscious and conscious layers heal and mend, our emotions and our thinking style become lighter. Lightening up, pulling out and melting away density and shadow, effectively releases pain in the physical, our denser energy body, too.


Morning meditations are a powerful way to clear our inner eyes’ lens. Clearing and upgrading our energy fields first thing every day allows us to see the world as it is. Unwritten, neutrale, full of opportunities and as one. To clear what came free or what we have touched during the night makes all the difference to how you feel during the day.


I am producing a set of 21 morning practices, brief and sweet, to brighten up your mornings.
I keep you posted on how it goes…..I hope to launch the release on Feb 5. OR SIGN UP ON THIS BLOG TO RECEIVE UPDATES FROM ME.

Be magnetic

Increase the frequency of joy within you!

Science For The New Age | Unariun Wisdom - Part 3

Open up your purity codes and become magnetic for the good stuff in your life.

In our LIVE TRAINING we learn how to pump light into our electromagnetics with an immediate and increasing effect of becoming lighter and lighter. More and more at ease and alert.

Your audaciousness is called upon

Clear the matrix of every density within you!

The world is reaching a point where those who do no longer resonate with the new frequencies will elegantly and gently be invited to go somewhere where they are more at ease. This is needed so the harming of the energies on this sacred planet can come to an end.

The Race to Stellar Formation - Universe Today

For your own comfort, clear all negativity. Thought or speech.
Let your feeling state be calm and neutral, fresh and curious.

Relax and breath

As these coming weeks are a condensed version of 2020.

Remain deeply anchored inside.
Connect to your inner dreaming.
Dream this world into a higher place.

The planet needs this higher frequency from you.
The beauty of your colors and visions.
Be bold.


We sit in a time or better an experience on earth that asks for the deep heart to steady us.
The deep heart is rooted in the cosmic heart. Here we are in full connection, fully one with our unique aspects of our god essence. Our light codes and gifts.

Deep Sky Wide Field @ Portfolio Categories ...

Mechanically we can undig and lay free the resonance of the deep heart.
We can transmute lower beliefs into higher understanding by melting away the cement in our light waves. By lifting the wounding so we can remember our effortless existence.

Every Sunday we practice higher light surgery with our healer tribes. Feel free to dive into this experience for a trial.

SUNDAYZ,, click on the pic on the homepage to sign up!


I just listened to this fantastic Michael Jackson song.
Heal the world. So timely.

And you are the one who can do it.

Every time you choose love over anger, fear or helplessness, you win the battle of the light over shadow. The world is a clearer and more just place because of it.


The end of the week or the beginning of a new cycle? A spiral moving upwards? Time has no end and no beginning, so why be afraid of Mondays? It’s just another beam of light lifting you into new experiences and powerful shifts.

Still, many of us probably feel like it’s too soon to move into another 5 days of routine when it’s Sunday evening. First of all, kick the routine out! Secondly, celebrate what is NOW. Every thought creates, so better think fromout a place of celebration and gratefulness to magnetise the higher aspects of all things possible.

In our SUNDAYZ session, we use imagination and visualisation to create the outcomes we seek in the week ahead. We are all gifted with this power tool called imagination and it is time we learned how to use it from pure intention.

Beautiful beyond imagination ~ #encouragement ...

How can we know what matters then? Well, soul knows. Soul has perfect timing. Listen in and FEEL what wants to be born and experienced. Let it become loud so that information can reach your conscious mind and be translated into a thought, or an image of creation.

Here is a fun game to play: First FEEL what wants to surface in you in order to be created. Maybe a project needs to get kick-started or a phone call wants to be made, or the experience of deep peace is sought. Tune into it and walk around in the image of it.
Then use your mental space and list the things that your mind tells you should be realized. Do you feel the difference? When soul speaks, we feel empowered and free. When the mind speaks, we often feel scolded and take decisions out of fear or guilt. A rather low vibration which will attract equally low events or results. Always create from your higher self, your soul insights and longing. And give yourself all you desire.

JOIN OUR SUNDAYZ TRIBE and try it out!
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