Welcome to my blog where I share my best stuff about how to clear blocked data in our unconscious and conscious light webbed electro magnetics.

When our unconscious, subconscious and conscious layers heal and mend, our emotions and our thinking style become lighter. Lightening up, pulling out and melting away density and shadow, effectively releases pain in the physical, our denser energy body, too.

Relationships shift

I feel that many relationships are currently shifting in the world.

I would like to encourage all of us to let go of the outer shells of how we define our relationship and us in them. Let them break, and it might hurt a bit to do so.
But beyond these shells lies great movement.

Open up that movement and breath deeply into and see how you grow, how all the people in your relationships expand. Be it a romantic partner or a child or a friend. Just trust in the beauty of this new freedom and ask yourself or yourselves: What is next, what can we be for each other now?

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Being abundant

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Understanding abundance and affirming the codes of abundance in us is part of my Golden Leadership programme. I am currently creating the course material. please contact me for more information higherfacts.org

Colors affect you

Colors have a great affect on us. Each color contains different information and healing vibration. Not just the colors we see in the outside world or choose to wear.
The colors that vibrate within us even more so.

Breath in and see the color field of pink to open up your being to cosmic and higher love. See the color blue vibrate in you and feel every cell of your body filling up with higher trust that all is set up for you and unfolds in an exact and precise choreography so you can receive your learning in an optimized way. See or imagine the color white clearing you and washing you free of old stuff. And so on, sit down in silence and go inward to check what you find, and know that you can breathe in and work with any color data that you need and feel you lack in that moment.

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What we call color is the result of specific vibrational data in other words cosmic information to rebalance us into wholeness. Colors are essential and fun tools for our healing.

I used to choose to wear white only for a few years when my journey was accelerated. I know now that I was taught how to hold all the colors within my being and to clear all old concepts of limitation in that way.

Colors teach you to be intuitiv when it comes to your healing.

Today do one thing only

Today, push your soul into evolution. Push your soul into maturity.
Push your soul into confidence. Push it, give it space, see it expand and get loud.
See it and ask it what it wants in this life.

Golden leadership on higherfacts.org

Elusive snow leopards, rare goats and a very happy ...
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Self-heal every day

When we set our intention on healing ourselves, or being our strongest and wisest selves, we open up a portal for the higher energies to come in and work with us.

Everything is here to support us in this decision.

The sun, the rain, the wind, the birds, the laughter, the smile, the tears, the heart pain and the heart joy, everything.

We are currently shaping the new world

Everyth thought, every feeling, every intention moves out into the akashics, is registered there and collected for ever.
These 5 days, the last week of March, roughly, is a portal phase, where those who came here to transmute darkness and shadow are quite busy. We are called upon to stand in our highest love our highest light.

I woke up feeling drained from the night-work today and longed for a hug that would last a day and a night. An eternal hug real, the one I receive from the angels and dragons, from mother and the ascended ones. But today I asked to feel it with the volume button way up!!!

Know More Earth | Mother Nature Comes in Many Forms

Not long into the day, I realized that when I am diving into my cosmic work I am completely fine, fully charged, strong and shining onto many planets at the same time, focusing in on earth mainly, though. My work has always been to connect the planetary energies and balance them. Today, while being out there shifting and moving energy filaments, connecting them, mending them, strengthening them…I also laid in the centre of Mother, rolled up like a baby, naked and in a deep state of trance. Seeing all this is health, seeing all this is balance. Being all this is whole and wholesome. Is dance, is song, is celebration.

It is on y the human state that is still demanding great transformation and here it can be challenging to be. So I move higher love (I open myself up to be the channel for this love) into everything that I feel is triggering my peace, and I close my eyes as often as I can. Listening to heavenly music some unbelievably gifted humans made for us, to the birds, to the light in my children’s eyes (instead of their loud play:-)). I will take the latter into the forest in a minute for them to attune to and to integrate the current powerful energy waves moving through all forcefields right now.

Oneness is abundance

Many of us were seeking access to memory in our cells, which would unlock abundance consciousness once and for all. Clearly, we have subliminal baggage when it comes to worth, self-value and self-respect. How many lives did we live WHERE we were told that what we had to say was not really important or it was outright dangerous to lift ourselves out of shadow? Many, believe me.

In our society abundance is tightly knit to money. It’s hard to get by without it. The alternative economy of fair exchange of all energy (not just money for service or goods) is patchy and underdeveloped.

In this special time now, we are being invited to REMEMBER ONENESS.
Some would say the hard way. This is the kind of reading we hold onto as long as we still believe in punishment and pain being our best teachers. The consciousness called corona virus is not AGAINST US. We can easily raise our vibration above that of any virus. No matter how old you are. IF this was not still a place of dualistic beliefs and hardwired fear vibration. In a more perfect world, being old would not equal being frail, and having less fresh or elastic lung tissue.


ABUNDANCE IS NOT FOR ME OR YOU. IT IS AS ONENESS. WE ALL TOGETHER LACK NOTHING. IT SEEMS TO ME WE ARE LEARNING THAT AGAIN. Change your camera angle of us being a threat to each other, oneness is the solution, not the danger… we are learning this as we transform our current situation.

Awakening Abundance Now Webinar - Louise Swartswalter

My point being: ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS HAS NOW OPENED UP TO THE ENTIRE WORLD. THE GATE IS OPEN .LOOK AROUND. See, we have time, we have our families with us, we help each other, we have cocreation, we reflect deep, we remember to breathe deeply and eat alkaline to boost our health, ALL THE THINGS WE KNEW WE SHOULD DO TO BE HEALTHIER, MORE IN TUNE WITH OUR SELVES AND THE PLANET, WE NEGLECTED. NOW WE DO THEM, SOME WITH EASE AND DEEP JOY. OTHERS STILL SHIFT A BIT BETWEEN WORRY AND EXCITEMENT.

Choose the work we love? Or practice it in the way it enriches our learning and soul growth? We would clearly have enough money if we would all pile it up in our center and then only take what we need from it when we needed it. Interesting that Grundeinkommen fuer alle is now a topic too, OF COURSE it is… we have opened up the abundance can, we tapped into the wide space of fullness and wealth for all… and this is just the beginning FOR MANY…..Today I will tell my elderly neighbors that we are here for them….and I will put notes in all the mail boxes that we are in need of plant pots as we want to start a herbal garden on our balcony, which everyone is invited to benefit from later in the year….the floods of good thoughts, calm thinking and empowered curiosity that is abundance….I would not have done that before because I simply would have run to the thrift store around the corner…


The gift of remembering what we are

..it’s offered to us now, in this special time, put on the frown (corona) and celebrate your light, find some tips in this video. ..get in touch if you need guidance or a loving hand that holds you through this shift….I offer remote healing and clearing to anyone on the planet…