Create the results you want in life

Every time you do anything to support your soul, it is SO relieved and grateful. 

You see, IT KNOWS what it needs more than you do. 

However, like a polite child it will stay quiet UNTIL SUDDENLY IT JUST HAS TO SPEAK UP! 

And those sudden ‘Ahaa, this-is-what-I-really-need’ moments may even go unnoticed by you! Leading your soul to try something more dramatic to get your attention. Whoops!

So MEET YOUR SOUL EVERY DAY, MEET YOUR SELF EVERY DAY FOR for a 5-10 minute workout. Sensing into the needs of your soul might save you from years of THINKING you are happy – when truthfully you may be feeling dissatisfied deep down.

This Sunday, we will practice looking into the week ahead to listen to our souls and create the results we want to be happy. A more intimate relationship, a closer relationship to our children, an old wound healed… Whatever it is your soul longs for, your heart will pick it up for you…. And through a powerful yet simple visualisation technique your soul will hold you accountable to what you signed up for and you will create the outcome you want… THE SECRET INGREDIENT: TAKE YOUR SELF AND YOUR LONGING SERIOUS.

This could be your insurance against a dissatisfied life.

Sign up for the workshop on Sunday, January 19, 5PM, Zurich time,

Why does meditation work?

Meditation works because you sit still with the intention to heal. Our intention is the game changer.

You intention as energy creates a high frequency which is read by other light beings who swarm in to support your intention to heal and evolve.

Hold the intention to dissolve all pain in light for 2 minutes. Sit still and visualise it happening every day. And then report back to me.

What Is Imagination for?

Have you ever asked yourself why it is possible that we can make up things and see them in our inner eye? What is this power good for?

Well, on the one hand not all that you think you are making up, is made up. Your telepathics might be more open and able then you realize. So what you see, IS. The data does exist in another realm or dimension. The multiverse IS. Our sciences confirm this these days. We can move from parallel universe to parallel universe with ease, using our intention to do so.

On the other hand, when using imagination in soul evolution processes, it is a way of turning on our pretend mode. Say you cannot see into other dimensions, then use your imagination to “pretend” to see. As soon as you do that, the universe comes in and takes over from there. The effect being that what you imagine becomes a REAL EXPERIENCE for your electromagnetics, your consciousness, your DNA, and your soul. How? You used your intention. In other words, you wanted it so. So it becomes so. We are creator beings. This is a major higher fact to remember.

This Sunday at 5PM Zurich time, we will talk about how to use our imaginative powers to create the outcomes we are looking for. Sign up here….let me know if you have any issues signing up…see you there.

Song 352: For the Unique Talents We All Bring In

Many souls incarnate currently on earth who have not been here very often, or not ever. The still rather dense energies on earth can be a shock to their systems. Some will withdraw into what we call the autism spectrum. They simply connect to other dimensions and beings than humans to survive. Some souls choose to incarnate and choose physical circumstances, bodies, that are slow or just wired in a way that fits their experience on earth best. My children seem to be magnets for these souls…I believe there was not one train ride that we have taken since we live in Switzerland without such a soul incarnate in an adult body trying to make contact with them…what a great way for us to practice tolerance, compassion, love, curiosity, non-judgement, oneness…

Judgement is becoming so very boring once we have reached a higher and much wider perspective on life. The perspective of choice; free choice reigns everything, always. When something appears odd or strange, we can (choose to ) trust that there is a good reason, it is a higher logic, a higher choice, that plays out. It is far more interesting and giving to embrace it (the person, the situation) and learn from whatever seems to throw us off. What is it we are trying to hold onto too tight that we can even feel thrown off….?

Song 354: For the Gardens

This was the shortest of songs which came to me around 5 am. I saw gardens and flowers, plants and protective tree energies. Love to the gardens, this world as a garden, and all the beings who protect and inspire them.

Today’s planetary alignment takes place every 300 years. Along with other alignments with Earth. They likely bring about chaos and therefore NEW ORDER, NEW GARDENS NEW SIGHT SOOF BEAUTY AND GROWTH. WHAT’S DYSFUNCTIONAL IS LIKELY TO FALL AWAY THIS YEAR…. so courageously birth from your heart what you long for. Plant your wonderous and plentiful tree of life…dream big

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Song 355: For the Eternal Couple

I sang this song at 3 AM this morning. After coming back from a powerful moonlight walk in the Lauterbrunnen valley. It is my birthday today – 111 – and with four women, we walked through the snow in the mountains, a world magical and otherworldly, lit up by the lunar eclipse energy of this night. It is said that the constellation around the sun calls in a major energy shift on earth. Provoking chaos, and we all know, chaos comes before a new order. So, I welcome it, while I stay in my highest light to give space for whatever needs to transform in the light of consciousness and love, instead not fear. A new moon has rewired itself into shape during the eclipse, and our three galactic suns, shine upon it with great wonder — THE ETERNAL COUPLE is proud of us and ever well-meaning.

Clearing when Physical Movement is Hard

I spoke before about how important it is to move the body in order to clear bits and bobs of shadow that attaches to our auric fields during our days and nights. We can go to the supermarket and if we are not moving in a state of higher light at all times, and most of us still have negative thought circles running or old wound data switching on here and there, then we will come home slightly blurred or feeling a bit off balance. Not to worry. Notice it and stand into a very high light, move into a high frequency sun and see all shadow melt away. Ask or support.

Yoga, running, walking are all perfect to shed shadow. We push it out through joyful connection with nature or when we sweat or simply move into increased motion. If you can’t exercise or walk because you are sick or in a wheelchair, start to meditate immediately. Twice a day, at least, connect to your inner space, your light, and push it through all your cells and all of your body. Ask your spirit guides for help and intensification of your clearing. We are never alone.

After my second Cesarean in the hospital, when my girl was born, I could not move for about 6 weeks. The day I could lift myself up into a meditation pose, I cleared my spine, and the next day I could walk again. The degree to which we can clear old stuck data is limitless. Clearly, we can clear our bodies when we lay down too. Anything goes…

Song 356: For the Children of This Earth

“Listen, listen, listen”

I woke up with my heart slightly bruised. I immediately listened in to see what had happened during my night work that had caused this. We all know that we go to many different places on earth and in the multiverse to do light work or to learn when we are “sleeping.” My son came to me — in an image. With tears in his eyes, and the message he sent was this. “Listen to us, follow us. We can guide you.” So I sat in meditation to hear better, and then they came, thousands and millions stood around me eager to bring across their message. Especially the ones who live in the earth. And so I sang their message to you.

Never mind my cracking voice, in time my vocal cords my strengthen..another 355 songs to sing….I am very excited to see who else will have a message for us…Just for today, slow down, whenever a child tries to catch your gaze…we give them so little attention, especially when our striving is fear-based and not heart-based, some even hush the children away…PLEASE TODAY put a large pink and red flower in the center of your heart for the children of this world….with the intention that it blooms and brings beauty for them and to them….AMAR AMAR AMAR

By the way, the language I speak in is my universal language, my cosmic light language. It came to me one day when I was ready.