Schuhmann Resonance nap!

Our planet is part of this universe and the cosmic reality and its constant shifts and changes. Schuhmann Resonance (SR) is measured around the world to monitor the incoming frequencies.

In 1952 the physicist Dr. Schumann discovered that the space between the Earth and the Ionosphere created a cavity that resonated like a musical instrument.

QuWave Harmonizer generates the Schuamm Resonance --- the Earth's natural life vibration of 7.83Hz.

Electrical energy which is produced by lightning strikes in the earth’s atmosphere constantly generate vibrations which bounce off this Earth’s Resonant Cavity and generate electromagnetic waves. These energy waves are not caused by anything on Earth, they are produced by electrical activity in the atmosphere bouncing off the Earth. Every second 200 lightning strikes occur somewhere on earth. These lightening strikes energize and vibrate the Earth’s resonating cavity. Just like a tuning fork has natural frequencies for sound, the planet Earth has natural frequencies, and they are called “Schumann Resonances”.

Schumann discovered that this electromagnetic field oscillates at a resonant frequency of 7 to 10 beats per second. The highest-intensity waves of the Schumann Resonance occur at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. This is the Earth’s “heartbeat”. How interesting it is that this frequency is identical to the optimal functioning of the human brain waves.

Since a few years, and this year with a new high, the SR goes up dramatically every so often. There are many reasons why the SR charts can spike with above normal readings.  Some of these include thunderstorms, Earth’s tropical surface temperatures, transient luminous events (sprites, halos, etc…), coronal mass ejections, sun flares, solar storms, etc…

In any case, these extremes affect our brain waves, AND, AND THIS IS AWESOME, they upgrade the data in our DNA. Our electromagnetics are being reset-some even speak of a resetting of time, not sure what that means cosmically where time and space are not, and what does it mean for earth, that we finally understand, or FEEL BETTER that there is no linear time?

The sure side effect for us humans is that we are urged or invited:-) to nap, to lie down and let go, so the upgrade in our energy bodies can take place.

Know this feeling when you sit somewhere and you should focus on something and you can’t keep your eyes open? For me, any time this happens, I go and check the charts online, and as sure as anything, it’s a SR high or even a white out (when an extreme high goes on for many hours) . This is not something we can fight. We are vibration, wave motion, and we respond to cosmic wave motion NATURALLY.

I then stretch out and go into a deep state of relaxation giving permission for these high frequencies to clear me. Usually takes about 20-40 minutes and I am better than new afterwards. You can check the SR here, or any other measuring station.

Create the outcomes you seek, week after week (practice video)

We create with every thought.

It is essential to use conscious intention to create from clarity and to make sure that we do manifest what matters to us.

So, every week on Sunday, a group of us come together online to practice creating the results for next week using the POWER TOOLS of imagination, intention and release.

Join us for the SUNDAYZ online processes (cell clearing and planetary healing), go to and find the link on the homepage there.

Today I am light

Why love? We are from love and light. We hold the god vibration while being in the body as much as when we are not incarnate. This here on earth is a brief masterclass for remembering we are soul, we are master creators. We are wave form, constantly able to move up and higher into a vibration that overcomes density.

My Pleidean friends call this the crystal body. Some call it self-realisation. The Self as highest light transmutes all illusions of density and matter. It is a powerful and wonderful game, a serious and delightful ambition of soul. To remember itself as free and in control at all times.

Give to it what you want from it

There is a lot of information out on the internet about abundance. It makes sense. We are freeing ourselves of the idea of limitation and lack. We are training ourselves back into believing what seems so unbelievable, to believe that which we were told for many thousand years does not exist: wealth and abundance for all. We were told we have to fight wars for it and to kill for it JUST TO SURVIVE and to deny our nature, our light and our wisdom. It was never true.

Abundance is a birthright. When we start to remember as what we were birthed into this world – as beings of love and light, as royalty, as divine seeds -, abundance as a vibrational reality in us all and for us all is not so hard to believe anymore.

Changing states

Your imagination changes your state.

Try this practice: Be a flower, notice how you feel. Feel your beauty, your love, your nurturing. Then be a lion. Feel the strength, the power, your soft and majestical paws. Then be a mouse, look around you. Notice how you feel. You are small and fast and curious. You are quick.

We have choice to change our feeling state. We can either log into higher dimensions to do so, or we use our imagination. Imagination unlocks the higher energies to take us exactly where we want to go or be. This is real.

You Are being Smart

Have you signed up for tomorrows LIVE TEACHING on Soul clarity and Intention?
You are being smart to choose to create a relationship with your soul. To know your soul.

When engaging with your soul, you learn to work two worlds. You learn to cooperate with higher light beings who support your soul longing and you learn to regain full authority over your life in this plane. You learn how to tweak your life according to the outcomes you seek.

Your skill set increases tremendously. So does your creative intelligence and confidence.

SOUL CLARITY is a series of LIVE TEACHINGS that I offer every month. It is a 1.5 hrs practice and discussion platform. Tomorrow, we will look at what Intention can do for us.
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Your Soul is your core driver

In order to create your reality screen successfully, in orer to access the core motivations in your life, you need to go beyond the mental level. We need to reach beyond our logic or trained ideas of right and wrong and connect to our core driver, our soul.

Our soul is the place where our passions, our stamina our desire to learn and experience this or that resides. Talk to your soul daily to find clarity in your life. Ask it what it longs for in this life beyond anything else. Just say: “Soul, I’d like you to stand before me now, so we can talk.” Then see it come in, as an energy or shaped as a being. You will know it is your soul no matter what shape it appears in. And then ask away. FEEL the answers in your heart.

This will intensify your absolute knowing of what you came here for. It is amazing to feel that warmth and fearlessness of your soul, the level of clarity.

Talking to soul accelerates your evolution..and you know makes you smarter too!

Maybe you are curious to discuss this some more, then sign up to my Monthly [ONLINE WORKSHOP] HERE


In my craniosacral training I learned about the still point in the physical. When you connect to the energy body of someone with your pure intention to listen (not to manipulate) to the system and subsystems in front of you, you learn that when the substrata of someone is about to rewire and update, there is a moment of absolute stillness first. A moment of sheer non-motion when everything that was there before and was expressed in rigid ways and unconscious beliefs stops. For a brief everything goes blank before the data is being rewritten into a higher version of itself. Our system reboots into balance. Something that was forgotten before, is suddenly remembered. We are healing.

A similar experience is being offered to the world right now. Or so I hope.

Touching in the time of COVID

I have been out four days in a row running along the river early in the morning. The fog still hung deep in the mountains. Both times I could not wait to run deep into the forest to sit on a log or under a tree and listen. Listen to the birds, the insects, the light crawling over the hills and through the foliage.

I sat and listened and as always this stillness expands in me rapidly and carries my intention out into all the realms, not just this planet. So I dialogued with my main guide, and she pushed me up immediately, up up up through all the layers of this universe and beyond to meet the creator beings that I work with since a while. But even they did not want to settle with me but pushed me up even higher through the light layers of that realm into an even lighter light. Up here energy is so subtle that we have no words for it. It is transparent and singing, humming every so finely that even the humming feels heavied down by words. I AM up there, clearly identified, of course not as Lillian, not as form or shape – but clearly coded as I AM I. I am as a reference point to a specific set of spiraling data in the big All. Oneness is experiential up here with totale ease. It’s just how it is. There is no confusion about it. Today, I rewrote my contract with these even higher beings of light authority, and gave them new permissions. I am excited beyond words…I will revisit and revisit them several times a day to listen and to ask questions… 

Jogging home, I wondered. The fourth time in a row I had not touched the trees like I used to do for years. What is going on? I feel partly touching in this new world we are in, has become a much more conscious choice. We are moving into 5D where we can access so much data energetically, simply by login in and listening inwardly to the many beings and information around us. I can connect energetically in a deeply nurturing way, which for me most often is the choice I go to first, the more intuitive choice, before I touch a tree, an animal or a human. Touching another being is a great honour and something very special. And we have the chance to remember this during the COVID-19 time. We don’t need to touch to feel loved and give love. But if we do so consciously, we transmit enormous power, tons of light connects and updates, if done in purity.

Choose to learn to connect, feel held and loved and nurtured energetically in this time, and and beyond this time. Sure, hug trees and caress flowers and plants wherever you find them. But let us not forget that our energy field, our force field, our aura touches everything around us first before we even stretch out a hand. For miles and miles around us.

Let us keep our auric field clear and clean and sparkly as we move through the day, the world, the universe. Please check out my webinars and local courses where we work together on practicing clearing techniques for us and the planet.


Dear ones, wow, it feels like ages since I wrote to you last. Then again, I have left the old time concept so radically that it becomes normal to “remember” my actions more in a space of possibilities and expressions than on a linear line. I find it more interesting to create a new dimension, a new planet of every waking moment I embody, to make it full and conscious, instead of remembering what I said and have done yesterday.
How could yesterday matter, it is dissolved into this New Now for sure, and all that mattered then shows now in one way or another…it is of great value to our soul maturity to make conscious choices, the effect of our conscious and aware presence in our lives is beyond precious…yesterday feels good today which tells me that I strived to be awake and listen to my own feeling state, keeping it clear.

I am not saying this is easy. Far from it. But easy never interested me, again, a category that I find rather dull and useless. Easy is a mental category and like all mental categories exists in opposition to something else. Opposites are best dissolved, so we don’t get stuck when we try to figure out how we feel. We just FEEL. And whatever it is, give it some space and listen.

There is a lot of precision demanded from us at the moment. Feel what is, and then choose what to do with it. No more postponing, clear and cleanse, heal and transmute now. Immediately.

A group of friends and followers started a Sunday routine to clear old data from our cells and the unconscious. A week-end clean-up, one could say.

We apply simple high-frequency techniques which affect deeper layers than our daily emotional balance. Together with higher healer tribes and Creator Beings we then access the subliminal and early woundings. From there we stretch our energy into the earthly changes and challenges and shift and clear what is stuck as a group. Currently, group intention is in high demand as we are LITERALLY BUILDING THIS GOLDEN NOW NEW WORLD THOUGHT FOR THOUGHT. This is why we close the session with visualizing the (inner and outer) outcomes that matter to us and support our personal evolution for the week ahead. We are CREATOR BEINGS after all!


In English, many German speaking participants jumped into the session first doubting their ability to follow-but hey were they surprised! Energy can be felt by our full being even when the mind can’t compute a language on the logical level. Give it a try, or contact me.