Relationships shift

I feel that many relationships are currently shifting in the world.

I would like to encourage all of us to let go of the outer shells of how we define our relationship and us in them. Let them break, and it might hurt a bit to do so.
But beyond these shells lies great movement.

Open up that movement and breath deeply into and see how you grow, how all the people in your relationships expand. Be it a romantic partner or a child or a friend. Just trust in the beauty of this new freedom and ask yourself or yourselves: What is next, what can we be for each other now?

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Self-heal every day

When we set our intention on healing ourselves, or being our strongest and wisest selves, we open up a portal for the higher energies to come in and work with us.

Everything is here to support us in this decision.

The sun, the rain, the wind, the birds, the laughter, the smile, the tears, the heart pain and the heart joy, everything.

The gift of remembering what we are’s offered to us now, in this special time, put on the frown (corona) and celebrate your light, find some tips in this video. ..get in touch if you need guidance or a loving hand that holds you through this shift….I offer remote healing and clearing to anyone on the planet…


Conscious choice trains the muscle of our soul. Our actions, our thoughts become expressions of our evolution. Conscious just demands from us to be in eheart clarity. To either see and transmute negativity and harm experienced on the spot, or to accept the invitation of a process towards inner platform freedom. Stability of SELF expression. SELF meaning HIGHER SELF, not the identified human persona.

There is only one way to reach this goal…..clearing, reaching up through all the blur, into higher frequencies, higher love…remembering that we are FREE TO MOVE UP in every moment of our lives. Changes is a constant, we can alchemise EVERYTHING. Conscious CHOICE is an act of self-healing, a chosen training ground moment into empowerment.

The ONLINE WORKSHOP recording on HEALING CHOICE is available for 25 EUR.
Just email me.

Coffee makes me dumber (AUTSCH)

Have you realized this too? When I drink coffee in the morning, my nervous systems shoots pain information in my brain. My synopsis fire about and my entire body screams, FREEZES AND FEELS CRAMPED UP. My brain disconnects from the rest of my body and my thinking changes into a slightly aggressive mode. I might lack the kick I get from coffee–which at times CREATES JUST THE RIGHT LEVEL OF ALERTNESS, physically (nerve-based) more than mentally.

I am clearly dumber on coffee too, my thinking style is hick-hacked and I say dumb things too. Like today, when my kids came both home from school around midday feeling unwell (really, they needed a broke from the linearity of the system they feel breathing down their neck every day, RIGHT VS. WRONG, uff, who can possibly thrive in this limited world view….).

Anyhoe, I texted a friend saying that I guessed this would be another week of me not creating the outcomes I so longed for with regard to my healing work, creating videos and workshops and writing in my BLOG, I would need to cancel meetings…..because my children will need my attention.


A few hours later, I assume, when my nervous systems had balanced itself back into its natural rhythm, higher data came through, and I had to laugh and wonder: I am so lucky to have my kids. They are so smart to take time off to rebalance themselves. Having them at home compromises my SPACE OF CREATION not in the least. It is an invitation to be in the HEART, to DIVE DEEP INTO LOVE AND THE EXPRESSION OF CARING which GUESS WHAT: boosts my Higher Self experience, my creative output and my flow because I AM GOING UP….and if needed – on this LOVE HIGH – I can work into the night…needing even less sleep…. BECAUSE BEING IN LOVE, REMEMBERING TO BE LOVE…..IS BEING IN GOD VIBRATION…….IN HEALING MODE….IN EXPANSION STYLE..

RISE UP to be your highest Self

Everything is possible when we can let go of SELF-LIMITATION.

I don’t know what does the trick for you.. what pushes you out of your perfectly balanced state… Something in me wants to shout out to the world…. Please, let us get stronger, let us CHOOSE OUR HIGHEST STATE……PLEASE NO MORE…NO MORE STUPID THINKING ….NO MORE thought energy that takes us down….never never never forget that WE ARE THE SPACE, WE ARE WATER BEINGS ON EARTH, WE ARE FROM THE STARS, WE ARE LIGHT, WE ARE MOTION…..nothing can limit us EXCEPT OUR OWN BELIEFS…..let’s start to MANAGE OUR ENERGY, OUR LIGHT …. conscious choice, once more, choice that supports YOUR SOUL EVOLUTION…let’s go for that ….let’s do it….again and again, no blame, no guilt, no disappointment…. just learning..ENJOY