Colors affect you

Colors have a great affect on us. Each color contains different information and healing vibration. Not just the colors we see in the outside world or choose to wear.
The colors that vibrate within us even more so.

Breath in and see the color field of pink to open up your being to cosmic and higher love. See the color blue vibrate in you and feel every cell of your body filling up with higher trust that all is set up for you and unfolds in an exact and precise choreography so you can receive your learning in an optimized way. See or imagine the color white clearing you and washing you free of old stuff. And so on, sit down in silence and go inward to check what you find, and know that you can breathe in and work with any color data that you need and feel you lack in that moment.

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What we call color is the result of specific vibrational data in other words cosmic information to rebalance us into wholeness. Colors are essential and fun tools for our healing.

I used to choose to wear white only for a few years when my journey was accelerated. I know now that I was taught how to hold all the colors within my being and to clear all old concepts of limitation in that way.

Colors teach you to be intuitiv when it comes to your healing.

Self-heal every day

When we set our intention on healing ourselves, or being our strongest and wisest selves, we open up a portal for the higher energies to come in and work with us.

Everything is here to support us in this decision.

The sun, the rain, the wind, the birds, the laughter, the smile, the tears, the heart pain and the heart joy, everything.

We are currently shaping the new world

Everyth thought, every feeling, every intention moves out into the akashics, is registered there and collected for ever.
These 5 days, the last week of March, roughly, is a portal phase, where those who came here to transmute darkness and shadow are quite busy. We are called upon to stand in our highest love our highest light.

I woke up feeling drained from the night-work today and longed for a hug that would last a day and a night. An eternal hug real, the one I receive from the angels and dragons, from mother and the ascended ones. But today I asked to feel it with the volume button way up!!!

Know More Earth | Mother Nature Comes in Many Forms

Not long into the day, I realized that when I am diving into my cosmic work I am completely fine, fully charged, strong and shining onto many planets at the same time, focusing in on earth mainly, though. My work has always been to connect the planetary energies and balance them. Today, while being out there shifting and moving energy filaments, connecting them, mending them, strengthening them…I also laid in the centre of Mother, rolled up like a baby, naked and in a deep state of trance. Seeing all this is health, seeing all this is balance. Being all this is whole and wholesome. Is dance, is song, is celebration.

It is on y the human state that is still demanding great transformation and here it can be challenging to be. So I move higher love (I open myself up to be the channel for this love) into everything that I feel is triggering my peace, and I close my eyes as often as I can. Listening to heavenly music some unbelievably gifted humans made for us, to the birds, to the light in my children’s eyes (instead of their loud play:-)). I will take the latter into the forest in a minute for them to attune to and to integrate the current powerful energy waves moving through all forcefields right now.

Coffee makes me dumber (AUTSCH)

Have you realized this too? When I drink coffee in the morning, my nervous systems shoots pain information in my brain. My synopsis fire about and my entire body screams, FREEZES AND FEELS CRAMPED UP. My brain disconnects from the rest of my body and my thinking changes into a slightly aggressive mode. I might lack the kick I get from coffee–which at times CREATES JUST THE RIGHT LEVEL OF ALERTNESS, physically (nerve-based) more than mentally.

I am clearly dumber on coffee too, my thinking style is hick-hacked and I say dumb things too. Like today, when my kids came both home from school around midday feeling unwell (really, they needed a broke from the linearity of the system they feel breathing down their neck every day, RIGHT VS. WRONG, uff, who can possibly thrive in this limited world view….).

Anyhoe, I texted a friend saying that I guessed this would be another week of me not creating the outcomes I so longed for with regard to my healing work, creating videos and workshops and writing in my BLOG, I would need to cancel meetings…..because my children will need my attention.


A few hours later, I assume, when my nervous systems had balanced itself back into its natural rhythm, higher data came through, and I had to laugh and wonder: I am so lucky to have my kids. They are so smart to take time off to rebalance themselves. Having them at home compromises my SPACE OF CREATION not in the least. It is an invitation to be in the HEART, to DIVE DEEP INTO LOVE AND THE EXPRESSION OF CARING which GUESS WHAT: boosts my Higher Self experience, my creative output and my flow because I AM GOING UP….and if needed – on this LOVE HIGH – I can work into the night…needing even less sleep…. BECAUSE BEING IN LOVE, REMEMBERING TO BE LOVE…..IS BEING IN GOD VIBRATION…….IN HEALING MODE….IN EXPANSION STYLE..

RISE UP to be your highest Self

Everything is possible when we can let go of SELF-LIMITATION.

I don’t know what does the trick for you.. what pushes you out of your perfectly balanced state… Something in me wants to shout out to the world…. Please, let us get stronger, let us CHOOSE OUR HIGHEST STATE……PLEASE NO MORE…NO MORE STUPID THINKING ….NO MORE thought energy that takes us down….never never never forget that WE ARE THE SPACE, WE ARE WATER BEINGS ON EARTH, WE ARE FROM THE STARS, WE ARE LIGHT, WE ARE MOTION…..nothing can limit us EXCEPT OUR OWN BELIEFS…..let’s start to MANAGE OUR ENERGY, OUR LIGHT …. conscious choice, once more, choice that supports YOUR SOUL EVOLUTION…let’s go for that ….let’s do it….again and again, no blame, no guilt, no disappointment…. just learning..ENJOY

Feeling like you can’t shift things on your own?

You might have tried for a while to shift things in your life. To think more positive, or to clear pain in your body that comes from strong emotions.

Know this, you are being loved and greatly cared for. It is important NOW to reach through all that pain, and frustration and anger. Reach your hand up, knowing, or pretending to know, imagining, that there is SOMEONE UP THERE who waits for exactly that to happen: FOR YOU TO REACH UP.

I tell you a secret. Pretending does the trick. Because there is indeed someone waiting there. Youer guides, your tutors need you to call them and DIRECT YOUR INTENTION (remember this is your golden power tool) AT THEM. Through the blur, through the tears, find your calm center, breath yourself into centeredness if needed, and then reach up, intent up, speak up. They cannot hear your when you are deep in emotion, that waveform is too chaotic. But they will be immediately at your side when you speak from your calm and centered self.

Tillerson Russian Connection |

It has been a challenging week: thought-less.

I have been sick the past week. Blessed with a high fever to burn away old pain.

The experience of something old and the chance to transmute it was triggered by me running into an acquaintance from another life. In that parallel (or past) life, we had been close although I always knew that the man would not stay with me. So when he left, it hurt.

I relived this pain and I tried to understand and control the pain in this life which created an intense mental struggle. It pushed me to an edge of my being, I almost lost my center. The fever brought me back and in a constant communication with my higher spirit tutors I learned that I had picked up the wrong tools – mental strategies are no longer available to me. Their vibrational quality is low and painful and not in alignment with my light frequency. I realized and experienced the costs of obsessive mental activity in order to find direction in life. The light waves of my electromagnetics were torn with little holes here and there. I dare say, it was self-destructive. I have not used my mind to guide me in my life for a long time. I was instructed many years back to rely on much higher guidance. My intuition, my heart, my inner knowing that is crystal clear, my higher spirit tutors.

So, wow, what a trip. WHAT A LESSON TO LEARN.

If you feel that you entertain negative thought circles, endlessly and uselessly, stop it RIGHT NOW and ASK YOUR HEART TO SPEAK. TURN THE VOLUME UP. Gain back control and freedom. Practice purity of thought. Stay away from thinking unless it is necessary for analysis. Quick and clean. Listen to the information in you: IT IS LOUD AND CLEAR.

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Melting into earth

I am doing this almost every morning.

I kneel on the ground and make contact with the earth with my flat hands and forehead. Immediately the bond with mother gets intensified and I feel or see my light bodies and soul parts moving down. Melting down into earth. Long filaments of energy, of longing.

I feel being filled with a muddy slime that is full of goodness and love JUST FOR ME. I become that brown nurturing energy and consciousness that stretches me and at the same time clears me of all the false concepts of why I am here. This powerful earthly attention and connection pushes all the – pardon my French – “bullshit” out of me.

Are you a Steward for Mother Earth? – Creative MagEzine

Peace, peace, peace. Surrender. Giving ourselves away to regain wholeness. Wow, one of the wonders of this world, this quantum world and THIS WORLD OF MAGIC, OF LOVE.

Song 357: From the Himalayas to Thun

The Himalayas call many these days. These mighty mountains ask for clearing, for silence for unity in mutual reverence. Humans, the great waters and mountains alike answer this call. Many ascended master-goddesses and brotherhoods reside there. By the way, brotherhoods include sisters, they were called such even when they contained only female members. The female-male energy divide comes to an end as we move into becoming full soulselves once more. Male and female bodies we choose for our learning, not for self-punishment or division. Let us remember that we are not the body.

357 Songs and Sacred Sights

2020 the year of projects and trials

This new year started off already quite different from others. The energy is exhilarating, full of promise and novelty. Some say it is because of the level of unicorn energy that is pouring in, perky, clearing and relentlessly purifying. So absolutely dedicated to let us experience something new. The excitement of mother herself needs our balanced thought and emotional energy to support her. Unity consciousness and mutual support and blessings is a great tool to do so—the first step into balance is clearing and (ancient wound) healing.

In 2020, I will practice my personal programme of manifestation and cosmic cooperation. Every morning during my clearing and connecting down and up and out, I will open myself up … I will open my telepathics … to anchor in an upgrade, new data FOR THAT DAY AND FOR YOU … and I will translate the donwload into words and sounds … INTO *357 SONGS AND SIGHTS*, prayers and practices, to lift mother, clear the water, bless the mountains and support the happiness of all beings.

Please join me, leave your comments…share your experiences…