It has been a challenging week: thought-less.

I have been sick the past week. Blessed with a high fever to burn away old pain.

The experience of something old and the chance to transmute it was triggered by me running into an acquaintance from another life. In that parallel (or past) life, we had been close although I always knew that the man would not stay with me. So when he left, it hurt.

I relived this pain and I tried to understand and control the pain in this life which created an intense mental struggle. It pushed me to an edge of my being, I almost lost my center. The fever brought me back and in a constant communication with my higher spirit tutors I learned that I had picked up the wrong tools – mental strategies are no longer available to me. Their vibrational quality is low and painful and not in alignment with my light frequency. I realized and experienced the costs of obsessive mental activity in order to find direction in life. The light waves of my electromagnetics were torn with little holes here and there. I dare say, it was self-destructive. I have not used my mind to guide me in my life for a long time. I was instructed many years back to rely on much higher guidance. My intuition, my heart, my inner knowing that is crystal clear, my higher spirit tutors.

So, wow, what a trip. WHAT A LESSON TO LEARN.

If you feel that you entertain negative thought circles, endlessly and uselessly, stop it RIGHT NOW and ASK YOUR HEART TO SPEAK. TURN THE VOLUME UP. Gain back control and freedom. Practice purity of thought. Stay away from thinking unless it is necessary for analysis. Quick and clean. Listen to the information in you: IT IS LOUD AND CLEAR.

The Books Michael Jackson Read | Vindicating Michael

Moving is Clearing

Moving our bodies clears shadow. Do you know that feeling when you sat behind your computer writing or working on something and your body is completely neglected for hours, yoru mood sinks, your inspiration starts to get stuck, maybe you even get slightly sick. Well, it’s a sign that we need to get up and move! Once we stand in the fresh air, in the wind, in the sun, close to water, maybe, once we feel our muscles work, our breathing deepen, we automatically push shadow out. Shadiow does attach in this world. This universe is a shadow-light universe and we MUST WORK WITH OUR LIGHT daily to rid ourselves of shadow. Not jst to clear old fears and wounds, but to get rid of others’ shadow. When we walk the street or go to the supermarket, we pick up shadow. Nothing to worry about, we can clear this if every thought we think. If we practice purity of thought, we clear constantly. If we move daily, doing exercises or Yoga, going for a walk, a brief jog in the cool air, we push shadow out. Equally, when we go into deep meditation. Or when we drink water and imagine/see its high level of consciousness melt away shadow in every cell…really see this, imagine it feel the light quotient rising in your cells, see the bright light!

We are movement, we are motion. Let this happen. Give yourself permission to be motion, to be energy, to clear all of what you are. You have all the means within you!

“1-11 is all about light and light initiation into action. Practice your freedom of choice! Make a higher choice, lift yourself up! The ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE TODAY IS THAT OF TRANSCENDING: CHOOSE FEARLESSNESS AND LOVE IN EVERY MOMENT OF TODAY.”