Song 341: We are Crystals too

So, you might know that we can use crystals to amplify our light, especially to clear data in us or to send pure light to someone in need, or to lift up a place or a situation.

In the same way, very high-up Beings from Love and Light, can use us as crystals, as amplifiers for their supportive light frequencies. If we give them permission. If we choose to work in partnership with these light authorities.

The Soul Bodies

Our higher Selves are attached to and hold in our water bodies. A crystal is in a way “frozen” water. It holds the same qualities. It is a cooling experience. It opens up your telepathics, and expands your consciousness in a radical way. This is only attractive for those souls who have a very high frequency and have cleared their karma/shadow to a very high degree or completely.

We all support each other and cooperate for the highest good.

Song 344: Be Your Priority.

Cllear what feels dark or tight. This is quite mechanical. Wahs it away with light that you imagine.

Observe your emotions. Clear them, correct them. Is there really someone out there to get you NOW? Or is that an experience from another time in your life or another life completely?

Actively build up your light column. This column can be seen by seers like me. Maybe you can feel it. Keep it clean, this is very important to clear old stuff away, from the night, from 10 Minutes ago, the day before, from your last life.

Use the light of your light column to spread it into your auric field. Here shadow can stick to your very fine web of consciousness. Do this several times a day.

Healing is clearing first and foremost. This way your light quotient goes up. Your feeling state clears and frees itself up. Your thinking style relaxes. Your mind is quite, it does not have much to do anymore. Our minds are only very busy when we are in survival mode.

The place frmo where you create decided on the outcome. Make sure your house is pure and clean (healed) and you will magnetise good things into your life.

PS: How do you use visualisation/imagination skills to create the outcome in your life that you seek? Contact me and I will send some FREE material to you…

Song 346: For Interlaken and all the cities

Our cities, small or large, are inflictions onto the natural balance of the land. This can be rebalanced through conscious behavior, nature belssings and the general respect we live for each other and for all beings.

I was lately at a scientific conference that focused on consciousness, what is? How can we measure it? Of course any materialistic and reductionist scientists can never even come close to understand consciousness as something we are, not something we have. But then this audience member stood up, and said, I am not interested in finding consciousness in the body or discussing its location at all. I am interested in my personal and subjective search for it on a daily basis.” My being conscious and my meeting consciousness, these are my added words. `he also said, and it is time we grant subjectivity to all that is around us, he said. And I thought, of course, everything is conscious. Do we still have to talk about that? And it seems we do in a multidimensional world. Cause one philosopher ;ady responded granting subjectivity to all beings is “going a bit too far.” WOW! Is this arrogance or ignorance speaking? Science’s own consciousness, own level of freedom vibration and its own perspective onto the vast phenomena around them is heartbreakingly self-limited. I bless them all, every single one of them so their evolution can speed up for the highest good of all.

Anyway I say all this, because any place, inhabited by people or not, has consciousness, a story it wants to tell and intelligence. Let su make sure we listen to that story with every action, thought and feeling, and don’t trample over it. So, send healing clarity into the place you live, connect to mother who holds all vibrations. Our healing intention has a great effect on our relationship with everything around us. Approach everything and everyone from the highest, purest vibration: in joy, in trust, in curiosity. Like this you are the change you seek.

Song 348: Re-love Your Self

Has your early environment made it ok to feel good about yourself?

Or have you adopted “their” attitude of picking on you and criticizing yourself? HAs it become second nature to think low of yourself?

For a week, say every day, “I love myself, I am love, I am being loved and I am loving; I deserve the best and I am ready to accept it now.” It might feel wrong, difficult or untrue, at first. Go on anyway. Train yourself back into your divine truth of Self.

Song 349: To our divine middle line

The song I recorded this morning is stuck on my phone. The format I chose cannot be transferred. Bummer.

I sang to and of the data we carry in our middle line since the very moment our physical started to unfold from there, like a flower that is opening itself up. The middle line is home to us in the physical, it is our centre in our very early stage of forming the body. I remember how I moved or connect my many light body layers and my consciousness to the genetic data of my parents and family lines. That did not feel very ‘natural’ to me as soul at all. It is, I belief, a moment of imprinting the concept of limitation into our soul, our vast and ever moving and free reality as energy. It is vital to release that concept later by contacting daily our HIGHER SELF, our vast consciousness, our SOUL SELF. That place where time and space fall away, and NO-THING IS, and we find all we long for and all we need to realize this longing into BECOMING WHAT WE ARE. It is a mystery and it is simple and mechanical at the same time.

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