Celebrating our children

Today I woke up with the clear task to celebrate my children.

I remember a holiday in the Swiss mountains, when my daughter was a newborn and my son about 3 years of age. I was exhausted from the little sleep I got. When I entered the eating salon in a little chalet-hotel, my son spotted me and came darting at me, beaming and all jumpy. And my girl lit up with a loud noise of her own. Instead of embracing the scene, all I had to give them was a growl, as I longed for silence and solitude. The woman next to me had observed us. She looked deep into my eyes (I still remember thinking that I saw the eternal light in those magical, huge eyes), and said: “They are celebrating you.”

It was the most beautiful gift and it stuck with me these past 6 years.

Celebrate them, my tutors told me this morning. And so it happened that my son sat with me in the morning with tears in his eyes for me to love up and to celebrate his courage of expression, until he had to run to school. An hour later my girl came back home from school after her flute class. She was in tears about the fact that she could not remember where to go for her German class and felt ashamed over it. Thank mother-father-god she had the intuition to come home. So here I was again, celebrating her soul weariness and watching her clearing her sorrow with her own wise water.

I am grateful that they showed me their vulnerability, what strength it takes to do that!

Glorious god-love children in the world keep educating us about the many things we forget when our bodies grow and we believe we need to fit in and swallow our tears. We in turn promise to celebrate you as the ones who chose us and this planet to learn with and from.

I announce this to be the new



Choose higher love confidence, not guilt

I woke up fine, emotion-less and awake, and then I thought of this blog. How much I love to write but that I should do some PR work for my practice instead. Guilt-ridden thoughts battled with my heart desire. Therefore sadness overshadowed my powerful heart light like a tight block. I asked for higher guidance because it confused me. Live your passion I always tell the world. So why the pain?

I checked in with my heart and I saw that my tutors had set a clearing spiral going. I sped the process up by holding my attention on it and by re-activating my ongoing intention to accelerate all energy updating spirals in my bodies. I am used to a much higher speed on my home planet, a 11-12th dimensional or layered spirit world where intention flies faster than light. I know that thought is the most powerful energy on this planet, and that we must not touch it unless in need. It is best to remain in a state of completion and fullness, full competence and complete saturation of love, light and wisdom. This natural state was over-shadowed this morning.

So I said: What is this? Please clear it fully and even greater intensity, it is so uncomfortable.

My spirit mentor sent through me the energy of: “Old sorrow and grief over loss and limitation. it created the fear of time. Love it up. It hurts you because it is so low in its vibration. A huge misunderstanding of what you are, no more, no more, let go.”

I asked: What have I forgotten that showed itself?

The answer is not a thought but a feeling or knowing that spreads in the body and from there words can rise up: “You are the space. Nothing is fixed. You decide what you want where and how much you give it of you, your attention, your play with the illusion. “

I checked in to see and feel that space, and said, please, intensify this experience, give me an image. And I saw myself melting into the ALL light, being one with my god-self. I create, I create, I create. And then the most important awareness spread through me: This is my ride. Nothing else is but this the experience of my soul-light training itself up as blinding-loving god-love-light. If I spend another day contacting people whose energy pulls me in, SO BE IT. AMEN.

The pressure on my heart is replaced by a water’like substance of dark blue-green color. Soothing.

Mornings can be heavy so I clear myself ready (this rhymes!)

When I awake, I am used to be met by my spirit tutors who ask me to scan my body for densities. When I find, say, sadness around my heart, or pain in my sacrum, I discuss this with my guides, to see whether I can understand it or whether it is a matter of simple release. Either we have a back and forth, or the pain or insecurity is being taken out right away. Sensing into the area of my body, I feel which way to go. Speaking with a spirit mentor or tutor is based on intuitive or logic-free listening and receiving data. It is a feeling that spreads in the body that knows. I feel my DNA change under the influence of something very important that I gave permission to be integrated into me. No being from love and light can affect you unless you give permission.

I might have worked under extreme conditions somewhere in this plane or another, and might need some rewiring or deep relaxation. I use my light to beam it through all my chakras and up into my highest god presence and down into the centre of mother earth to anchor my being. Maybe I received an update in the night and was learning in one of the universal universities. In which case I might ask for full integration of the new knowledge and skills into my being. Anything I need as soon as I open my eyes, I can simply ask for it. It might be a challenging day at school for my kids, so I send the purple flame ahead of time to remove all obstacles, and I swoosh my kids into a golden light bubble for extra calm and protection. Often my parents appear before me and I scan them for corrections and the release of blockages. Clients who need me might fly by my inner awareness and I can choose to send them light and love and other data for the day.

I then wash my face with ice cold water-my beloved water being friend-and bless my third eye, I see into all of time and space, my eyes, which see from compassion and love, my mouth, which speaks only wisdoms and compassionate words, my ears, and so on, and I bless all the organs who need my extra attention. And of course, I wash and bless my feet who connect me to mother to receive her guidance and nurturing energies.

Finally, I use coconut oil to rinse the bacteria in my mouth before I meditate, shower and do some yoga. There are days where only the scanning fits in . So I use that time to sent my intention for the day or this life as well. I imagine or remote view or inner-see what I want to achieve and I am grateful for already having it in my life. What we imagine already exists somewhere for us!

As always, get in touch with comments or email when you need further explanations.

Autism – wisdom withdrawn

Autism — wisdom withdrawnprotect_our_mother_earth_by_lhianne-d63y246

Some souls come in on such a high vibration that they have to withdraw parts of their soul for protection. We call them autistic. Humans that are unable to connect. Actually, they are communicating very clearly, telling us that our world needs to change, raise its vibration, re-gain wisdom and live in unity instead of fear and control. How can it be that we cannot sense and understand that information? Once the vibration on earth has changed,  these messengers can show themselves in full and share their wisdom and knowledge.


NEW Kidz Mindfulness class

8 year old meditation

I have started to let parents know that I’d love to start a new class for kids. One that combines breathing exercises, toning, meditation, and mindfulness games in a free and relaxed atmosphere.

Many of our children don’t breath “right”, they don’t fill their lungs enough to take in a good amount of oxygen for their cells and brains, and they don’t release the used air fully enough. Many don’t know how to ground themselves to move confidently through challenges. There is a lot that can be explored in full respect of each child’s limits.

This will be fun!!

Parents feel left out: On April 29 I plan to offer a Family Meditation & Mindfulness, hmmm, shall we call it a party?

Get in touch for either one: 07949059677

Slow down, wise up! Meditation is back.

The meditation class at the Dunblane Community Centre restarts February 6, 2018.

Breath, rebalance, heal – honour the gifts of every moment. Slow down, wise up!

Tuesday, 6-7PM, Function Room. After that every Tuesday. CANCELLED AT THE MOMENT

More you find out here

Painted 12 chakra meditation-framed image

Get in touch, lillian.fellmann@gmail.com

Blessings to you all!



Come and enjoy a glorious Light Bath for Rejuvenation!

Raise your Light Quotient for Self-Healing and a natural boost

We will clear the physical, emotional and mental body and our energy field to be filled with bright light, inner smiles and joy. We will invoke arching Metatron, the ascension light master, for this meditation.

This is a powerful cleanser and wonderful natural boost for our entire system, clearing out stuff that we held on to for potentially many life times — we will leave all tingly with joy!

Let go of the old stuff, mental and emotional densities and shadows at the end of the year.

If the moon will show we can also do a quick outdoors light exchange with this great friendly master!

DEC 3, 2017
Ashfield Village Hall

£10 Bring your yoga mat or/and pillow, chairs are available

Relaxing into health

One of the most important things human kind will learn again is to relax. Without chemical or other help, just out of joy and deep satisfaction with what we feel. And it will be because of our higher understanding of our energetic essence, the manifesting and creative powers of our energetic truth, and our capability to listen deeply to all beings in this and other dimensions. The mastering of the 12-chakra system is an important step in that evolution.