And still I will practice free choice and take the mask of to smile at a stranger and when I need fresh air more than my neighbors fearful eyes on me. I keep smiling and I keep inhaling god vibration and the golden light of the life force that I am. This air is divine, breathing is divine. It connects us to our soul clarity and vast self. A space that is a thousand times more real AND WORTH PROTECTING than any attempt to drill fear and separation into my being.


Woman smiles while enjoying the positive effects of the sun


Self-worth and confidence

As many countries are being moved into another lockdown remember….

Health is what you are. The feeling of personal satisfaction and self-worth is what keeps our natural state of health up. Health is a reflection of the relationship with our self, our soul satisfaction and the possibility we create to live that self-love in our lives. Nothing can harm you when you remain in happiness, soul-confidence and self-worth up, when you keep your frequency up. Like this you can see the higher perspective in any situation. And you are able to take measured action.

We are open systems of energy connecting with all other energy. But we also have the tool of frequency shift, of light upgrade, of choice for love. Use it, practice it. There is nothing in the world that we cannot transmute.

This virus is no danger to us. It certainly doesn’t justify a global economic lockdown.
The depression that is created in the world by the decision to interfere on such a deep and perverted fear level with people’s dreams and visions for self-evolution and cooperation is far more damaging.


What does that mean to remember?

Some people might not have a positive response to the word remember.

They might think that its better to be in the now and look forward to their future. To forget what was in their lives. Well, in many ways I agree. But then again, we are not made to forget. We are the living archives of what we experience for the highest good of our own soul evolution. It is in our power to transmute that data in the light of our awareness and forgiveness. We are divine alchemists after all.

Secret shared, you cannot be in the now unless you remember what you are. Why? Because being in the now is not a mental decision. It is your natural state once your unconscious wounding is being healed and your mind can entrust itself into relaxation and stillness. Once you remember that you don’t need to hold on to anything, to control anything. Because what you are is of a much higher kind than control and fear.

This kind of remembering of a higher order is divine. It concerns your cosmic presence and beingness. And when this knowing starts to buzz and sing, something magical happens. Fear drops from us like snow melting in the sun. And when the fear is gone, we finally begin to live.

So the one memory that really counts is this one: you are endless and vast soul light. If you can have this one switched on day and night, not just switched on but understood and experienced deeply in your being, then you move into the factual freedom of the NOW and that now will feel exactly as vast and free as you are….it is your soul experiencing its nameless and measureless size.

SATSANG & workshop, 25.10., Reichenbach im Kandertal SIGN UP BY EMAILING ME


What is destiny?
I came across this definition which I find fascinating.
“Your destiny is the courage with which you ask for a higher level of consciousness.”

Our courage to clear old wounding and to become our highest most free selves shapes our destiny or is our destiny. Wow…I am deeply touched by this definition. It entails so much space for change and trial, learning and conscious decision making as we go on. When we reach up, when we connect to a higher light NO MATTER WHAT, even when we feel it’s almost impossible to breath, we change our lot. We open up a new space for opportunities unknown. We remember that we are vast and always connected to a much higher wisdom and plan.

Watch the gold data in your breath

When you practice release breathing. Deep breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Look out for or imagine the golden data that sits right behind the air that flows in and out. This is god vibration, super high data that upgrades your being with every intake of air, and every release.

Breathed into his nostrils the breath oflife; and man ...

Deep unconscious change with speed

Every month I offer a LIVE TRAINING & HEALING session.

We look at a topic regarding self-healing, the collective and the planet. We meet our spirit technicians, and we move UP UP UP into layers of light far beyond this universe. Yes, far beyond the Elohim. These beings call themselves “Creator Beings And Beyond”. They hold very high light authority and their agenda is to release pressure in the ecosystem of energy on earth and in us so we feel more healthy in our everyday and as a human family.

They are inviting us to work with them to release deep unconscious data, from this life and our entire soul history.

This Wednesday we are invited to release childhood trauma, and to reach into the collective of humanity through us. They can only work with the collective energies using our auric fields. They seek partnership. They seek humans who wish to reach for their highest possible light frequency. To become more stable inside.

Love Language: The 5 Love Languages of Children - iMom

When childhood trauma is released we feel more able to hold our self-love up. To be giving to others who need us because we don’t feel lack. We feel loved, whole and in love. Able to hold our light and space of change. Not overwhelmed and angry.

So you sit deeper inside yourself as a soul. This is called self-realisation. Knowing, beyond your logic, that you are soul.

Sep 30, 8PM, Zurich time

Please sign up here

Change your thought patterns

How can that be achieved?

Your mental is affected by your emotional state. Our emotional state is mirroring our unconscious and our subliminal. Whatever you had to push down in terms of hard experiences in all of your life time, is still alive. Is energy with a low vibration. We have all been touched by shadow and we went into a freeze. Parts of us are cemented.

We can go into our unconscious with beings of very high light-authority. They have speed on their side. They are super masters in terms of their understanding of energy. They can read large archives of data.

MANDALA OF FOURTH CHAKRA (heart chakra) meaning: empathy ...

I have been working with these Creator beings for a while now. When you work with me, online or offline, I hold the space so they can connect with your electromagnetics, your auric field, your unconscious.

So, get in touch, so we can free your unconscious blockages, so you feel more stable inside, and your mental can relax.

Or become part of our SUNDAYZ tribe…every Sunday at 8PM we practice deep clearing with the Creator Beings….shoot me an email and click the SUNDAYZ link on

Deep in our hearts there is sometimes a shadow stuck

Sometimes I find a deeply hidden-away bit of data in a person’s heart. It is a hugely densified energy of harm and wounding, experiences of being touched by shadow in one way or another during our many incarnations or our wider soul journey. As a light being, we sometimes shut deep hurt away. Sometimes this is the wiser choice in order to go on and to feel safe enough. And when it is time, it shows itself. That hidden away data surfaces wanting to be healed. As everything that we hold search for the light, hungers for transmutation so we can feel free. Sometimes I see it in the metaphor of a precious little chest.

Allow the cosmic light and unconditional love to enter ...

It is with an enormously stable higher light and higher love dedication and precision that we can meet this information. I prefer to do it with my Creator Beings or other spirit technicians with a very high light-authority to alchemise the data immediately in its full. All the day down into the unconscious layers. This is light surgery executed by spirit experts from far beyond the realm of ascended masters or the archangels. It is done real quick or takes a few minutes when operated on in a high frequency dimension or timeline.

Breathing is still not understood in its full power

Last week I gave a three day seminar in the Center of Unity in Switzerland.

We practiced deep release breathing throughout. From 6AM until 9PM, in sessions of 1-3 hours in which we learned about higher light techniques to release old data in our electromagnetics.

When we set our intention on a higher state of being, a higher consciousness or healing/remembering, we immediately start to release all else. We give the universe permission to support this intention.

Everything that sits too dense or tense in us or that comes at us from the outside is being lifted. At some point, after years of practice, our body automatically shifts into release when it finds itself facing lower vibrations. Taking in more oxygen and releasing shadow energy.

In this seminar I was kept in this state of release throughout. My body’s wisdom is on non-stop. Much was transmuted in this time together. And my breathing made sure it stayed in that realm of higher healing and conscious transmutation. Where it cannot get stuck in anyone. When we breathe deeply, we are being cleared. It is such a super power tool. It is the number one tool to make sure that we are safe, present and as intelligent as possible.

How is this possible? When we breathe deeply, we let god vibration run through us. This level of conscious light switches on all the ‘home energies’ in us, in our subliminal we remember to be soul-love and god-light. This intake of golden energy holds the essence of all life and the highest creator intelligence. When we breath we are in full connection with all life. In full connectivity there is no lack, no fear.

During these three days, I was not once tired or exhausted, nervous or upset. What an experience to remain so stable and alert. Holding peace and love throughout with a group of dedicated people.

Breath deeply and check your breath several times a day.

The mountains are calling to clear us –

We are going up on the Schweibenalp Center for Unity. Today until Wednesday. 

We will clear, activate and magnify our Feeling State. 

When our feeling state is compromised, orientation in life is difficult. 

We can’t feel what is for us and what is not. We have a hard time to feel our preference in life. And I mean the preference of soul, of our higher self, of that part that came here with a plan, with a solid longing to contribute. 

It is of radical importance to be able to FEEL. 

If you can’t make it into one of my physical seminars, consider signing up for the monthly LIVE TRAININGS & HEALINGS. We discuss there what soul is, what free will is, what working with high light mentors is about AND WE PRACTICE IT.