Enjoy a free taster session on Sunday, September 24, 2017, 2-4PM, (30 min. slots)

I’d like to offer you the experience of deep relaxation, all the way to the cell level, for pain release and energy rebalancing. AscensionCranio helps your body to correct imbalances and clear out negative cell memory. Read more here

Please get in touch to save a slot for you, or a friend or family member., 07949059677

Relaxing into health

One of the most important things human kind will learn again is to relax. Without chemical or other help, just out of joy and deep satisfaction with what we feel. And it will be because of our higher understanding of our energetic essence, the manifesting and creative powers of our energetic truth, and our capability to listen deeply to all beings in this and other dimensions. The mastering of the 12-chakra system is an important step in that evolution.


Powerful Full Moon Meditation under the September Moon

We came together on the 7th of August to celebrate the full moon.
We activated our causal chakra to create greater equilibrium in our ying-yang, toned from the heart and released through our breathing what is no longer of service to us.

The moon is our great satellite for divine feminine energy, which all humans carry. Currently we are all called upon to rebalance feminine and masculine energy in and around us in a world that chose to give predominance to controlling and linear energies for the past 10-12’000 years.

During the full Moon period on earth, her silver light is cascading into earth and into our minds and affects us profoundly.
Gaia herself has received enough feminine energy through the powerful full moon phases since 2014 to rebalance feminine and masculine energies in her. The full moon will remain a powerful experience as the feminine and masculine energies of swaths of people come into equilibrium.

  • This pure white vibrating light we can consciously pull down into our causal chakra and into our cells to integrate deeper wisdoms of the creation of life, oneness, and the nurturing of ourselves and others.
  • The causal not only absorbs and spreads the divine feminine light;
  • it also provides the seeker with a deep and intimate connection to the world of spirit.

The next FULL MOON MEDITATION will take place during the first session of a 5-week 12-chakra system workshop at the YOGA TREE in Stirling.
Read about the ascended chakras HERE.

Wednesday, September 6, 5.30-6.30PM, Yoga Tree Stirling

Get in touch to secure a place.

12-chakra meditation

The 12-Chakra Sytem — learn to master your energies

The earth frequency has risen dramatically. Working with the old 7 chakras does no longer suffice to integrate this reality. We now all have access to our 5 ascended chakras to reach high into our universal truth and deep into hollow earth. By working with our 12-chakra system, we are able to see and experience our complete, and balanced energy body system.

In this introductory 5-week meditation class we’ll look at each of the 12 chakras and we will practice aligning them. You’ll learn to release low vibrations and emotions to let in higher light and wisdoms for self-realisation, self-empowerment and healing.

For all levels, with or without meditation or yoga experience.

Classes start September 6,  2017, at the Yoga Tree, Stirling.

£10 per session, £48 for 5 sessions.

Please contact Lilly, 07949059677,
Parallel to this block class, I give classes at the Dunblane Centre in Dunblane on Tuesdays, 7-8PM. 


June classes: sit still and get to know yourself

MEDITATION ON THE HEART continues. Do you have a hard time to slow down, and to take conscious choices instead of simply reacting to what is going on around you?
Is it challenging for you to focus and concentrate at home or at work?
Meditation can help you to rebalance all aspects of your thinking and feeling state, as well as to recover faster from sickness and illnesses, and to deepen your joy in life.
These are some thoughts on how I understand meditation, how I practice meditation, and how meditation can be remembered as a state of being: alert, at peace and connected.
Class starts on Tuesday June 6, 7-8PM, Music Room, Dunblane Centre
Please get in touch to sign up,
4 Tuesdays in June for £44. Drop-in is welcome. In general, I do suggest to take a block class first. Get in touch if uncertain what to do.
meditation lillian fellmann
meditation lillian fellmann

8 year old meditation

New: Late meditation course

Can’t make it to the 7PM class? No worries. Join the class after!

The later 5-week meditation class starts on May 2, 2017 at 8PM. DROP-INS possible.

The course runs from May 2nd till May 30th, 8-9PM, at the Music Room, or in the gardens of the Dunblane Community Centre, Stirling Road, FK15 9EY. 

This is again a 5-week class taking place on Tuesday evenings, and I recommend to attend the full block first, before starting to do drop-ins. This is not a rule, just a recommendation, and you are welcome to do it in whatever way you feel is best for you.

Bring a pillow or a yoga mat to roll up and sit on. Chairs are available.

Costs for the block: £48
Drop-in: £10


Get in touch to sign up and for questions:, 07949059677

Read more on meditation on the heart and the course here

New meditation course

The new meditation course starts on Tuesday, April 25, 7-8PM. 

Music Room, Dunblane Community Centre
Stirling Road, FK15 9EY
April 25 — May 23, 2017

We will meditate indoors and outdoors, enjoying the sparklified gardens of the Dunblane Centre when weather allows. Read up on what we do in this course on our Facebook. 

Meditation on the heart deepens your heart connection. You learn to listen to your body and to be aware of your experiences in order to take conscious choices, moment by moment. This course includes breathing exercises, toning, and working with colour energies.

Your ability to concentrate, to relax, and to enjoy more from life will improve.

This course can also benefit people who suffer from heart disease, chronic pain, high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety and panic, depression, and related conditions.

All levels, you can sit on a chair or bring your mat or pillow.

Costs: 5-week course £48
Drop-in  £10

For questions and to sign up:, Mobile 07949059677

To read more about my understanding of meditation, to make an appointment for private sessions, and to gain insight into my work go here.

Learn more about me here.

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