Cellular Memory


As this earth ascends, we are releasing cellular memory.

*We are not sick, we are releasing trauma, we are releasing cellular memory.

*Releasing cellular memory happens on multiple levels.

FIRST OFF: Cellular memory is not held in our physical body but in our emotional body.

It is where all the things that occurred in our lives that were out of balance are stored and suddenly accumulate until they are looked at and dealt with. Humans are not very good at processing information that is out of balance, we store them up according to mental concepts of what we believe has occurred. Most of these believes of what has occurred are programmed through our societal believes about linear time, what makes family, what makes religion, all manner of ideas of our societies. We then categories our experiences based on those believes: I must feel this because x has happened to me, or I must feel y because w has happened to me.

“Releasing cellular memory means to let go of attachment from old beliefs and norms on the emotional body.”

Similarly, in the mental field, we start to have no thought at all, because the old pattern is gone, or we know that something will happen and we don’t know why but we know its true, or we’re bombing into people we know we would meet or need, or we release memory through our dreams. This is due to the release of information held in our emotional and mental field. Around this Equinox and around this time on the planet, and on.

This release happens due to the strong solar flares and the cracks and wholes in the magnetosphere, as well as other universal changes that take place in many dimensions to support the changes in this galaxy, and on earth.

We are in most cases not ill. Don’t think you are sick, or something is wrong with you, know that human kind is changing. We are not the same we were only a short while back! This evolutionary journey is sped up for all of us.

Have faith in your changes, they are evolutionary not pathological.

Be curious to find out who you are instead of holding on to who you thought you were!