Referenzen / Testimonials

Als Ich Lillian zum ersten Mal traf, war ich wie im Nebel. Mein Leben fühlte sich weit entfernt von mir an. Schon nach einer Sitzung konnte ich wieder fühlen und mich freuen. Ich habe wieder Farben gesehen. Vor allem haben sich bei mir tief sitzende Blockaden gelöst, ich habe mehr Klarheit bekommen und fühle mich innerlich gestärkt. Ich fühle mich befreit von Ängsten und Zwängen und habe gelernt, meiner inneren Führung zu vertrauen. Es passieren jeden Tag Dinge, die ich vorher nicht für möglich gehalten habe. Ich bin so froh und dankbar Lillian kennen gelernt zu haben.” Dr. med. E. E., Bern 

A note for anyone who is considering working with Lilly, I would highly recommend this – If you feel ready now it will be your time to grow, evolve and be awakened. I have learned so much and gained so much understanding and knowledge to apply in my everyday life from Lilly; she emanates kindness, trust and respect and her calm insightful and intuitive approach guides you to healing.  I always feel re-balanced and clearer after working with Lilly, whether it be meditation or on the body work. She has also taught me mental and emotional awareness skills to take this forward, I truly feel she has made me a better person.” PD, New York, 2019 

“At a time when I was lost and caught up with work and the stress of this busy life you offered me awareness. You gave me the knowledge that I always have a choice.

I was given the understanding that I could stop making harmful choices and this has had irrefutable improvements to my health and that of my family. I gave up smoking during our time working together, something which I did not believe I could do. I found that listening to my body and my lungs and my heart gave me the insight I needed to choose the better path. You taught me how to do that, thank you so much. Another shining realisation was that I had to learn how to trust again to eliminate resentment. During one cranio session a deep-seated memory came to the forefront and gave me a more profound understanding of myself, I was able to hear this, accept this and let this go. I am still on the beginnings of my journey, however I rest in the knowledge that I am moving in the right direction – I have learned a calmness and a connectedness.”
Heather, Scotland, February 2018

“I have benefited from Lillian’s gift, her knowledge should be spread to others.” 

John, Scotland, May 2017

“I came to see Lillian because of my addictions. She showed me how I can start to love myself more and harm myself less. It is still a long way but I could see and heal a lot of old pain. She gave me great courage. I will be back whenever I need some more of whatever it is Lillian is offering the world.” S.P., Germany, Feb 2017.

“I have just returned home from a Craniosacral session with Lillian Fellmann. This is my fourth session and every session has been different to the last. The overwhelming feelings I am left with after this session are of self-love, strength, happiness and calm. I entered this particular session feeling very angry over a current relationship and the frustrating dynamics between husband and wife. It was an anger I had not felt before. Usually my anger is coupled with sadness which turns into tears. This anger was different, I had reached the end of my tether of being misunderstood and not seen as I really am. When I sat down with Lillian, she asked me what the feelings behind this were and I came to understand that I felt trapped. I was unable to escape not only my present circumstance but a lifetime of female entrapment – mother, sister, aunties, cousins, the line went way back. I began to breath, the anger still present but Lillian guided me through a beautiful mediation and my anger vanished, I felt it leave. I heard the voices of angels and felt Lillian’s gold and silver rain washing away negativity and all low vibrational thought. My body was filled with a wonderful light which radiated from within down into mother earth and back up into the universe and beyond. Thank goodness I was here again, back into bliss, self-love, a strong woman without fear.

After this seated mediation, it was time to lie on the bed. I had explained to Lillian where I was feeling physical pain, down the left arm, the elbow joint, under the arm and that I’d been having a small amount of post-period bleeding. Lillian lay her hands on my tummy and chest and I began to feel a deep, strong, physical pull. My legs, arms and chest became taut and an enormous emotional pain began to leave me in audible groans, moans and a writhing of limbs. I can only describe this feeling as if a cog was tightly wound in my chest which was now being released and was slowly unwinding. The physical element of this experience was immense…..the spiritual element of this experience, indescribable.

I can’t thank Lillian enough for what she gave to me. Not only did I release negative emotions and physical pain but Lillian gave me back my voice –  to speak without anger, to feel from a safe place of calm, to act from a sacred space of love. She reminded me to send light into others when in their presence and that I can be both loving and strong without compromising my power as a female, or indeed as a being on this planet. From the bottom of my heart I thank her….how blessed I am to know her. What a special opportunity to be able to attend her sessions, I wish it for all of us. ” 
Jenny, Scotland, Oct 2017


“I had been hindered by my hip and sciatica to enjoy life. I went to see Lillian five times, I am not sure how she did it but I can walk again without much distraction, and I started to take a different take on life. I better understand how sickness builds in the body, and what I can do to not let that happen. I am so very grateful,”
Fraser, England, 2017.

“I had a taster session with Lillian in Switzerland, and it was nothing I have ever experienced before. My body seemed to create all these little explosions all over, and my body seems to jerk up here and there. Sometimes it was a bit painful, but I felt Lillian’s strong and loving presence and her warm hands softly resting on my body. I was quite frail for a while after that but then recovered with new strength, I am so much better now. Thank you,”
Ashmira, 2016.

“When I went for my first Craniosacral session, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I had met Lillian and immediately felt safe, that I could express myself without judgement….in essence, I felt accepted and loved. Lillian visited my house and set up her portable bed. After a brief discussion, I lay on the bed, which was surprisingly comfortable! I naturally felt like I wanted to breath deeply, long breaths in and out, much like one does when one meditates. The breathing helped clear my mind and Lillian began to place her hands, gently, in various places upon my body. My breathing began to ease into a more relaxed pace. I had reached a no-mind state. I began to feel tingly and a euphoric rush swept over me. Then I started to cry. It was as if a lot of pain wanted to be released from my body. It didn’t feel sad, I didn’t feel scared, it felt completely natural and meant to be. I knew everything was okay. Lillian continued to move her hands around my body. I wasn’t aware of specific touching, what I felt was heat. When I felt pain in my body, Lillian moved her hands there without me needing to speak. I continued to allow my breathing to guide me, at times loud exhalations which helped bring me back to my core, to my deepest most peaceful self. Behind my eyes was a luminous white light as if my eyelids were transparent and I could see right thought them. After a bit more time, I felt the session was coming to some sort of an end. Lillian felt this too, without needing to ask me. When the session was over, I felt ultimately relaxed and tingly all over. I slowly lifted myself up into a sitting position and the one word that came into my mind was, ‘wow’. I had just had an experience unable to be explained through language. It was only after when I read what Craniosacral therapy is, that I could put what had happened into words. It felt as if someone had pressed a reset button. With her empathy, guidance and love, Lillian had returned me to the source of who I am. I felt like the real me, egoless, spiritual, the highest light. I wish everyone could see Lillian Fellmann, what a magical world it would be.”
Sabina, Spain, 2016

“Hello I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. I don’t know what drew me to come today it was a real last minute decision. Not really knowing what to expect or anything about it. I found so much calm just from being near u. I don’t have many physical issues but I definitely over think about a lot. So my mind feels more still and I feel confident that my life is thriving with the choices I make.”
Alex, Scotland, 2016

“Thank you so much Lilly, for the caring craniosacral sessions you gave me, your soft touch felt very special to me. Every session I found myself in a very deep relaxation, which stayed with me for days afterwards. The effect it had on my daily life has been profound. I feel more present and clear since then, and feel more love and tenderness for myself and the people around me. Especially the relationship with my mother has improved dramatically because of that, we both are so much softer and opener to each other nowadays, it is a relief and a delight for both of us. So also a big thank you from my mom!” 
José S.,  The Netherlands, 2015

“I came to you with my baby boy who had ear inflammations all the time. You gave me and him a session at your home, where sometime you would work on him and sometimes on the two of us. I could see that you could put your hands on my boy for only a few minutes at the time before he wanted to move on and roam about. He also expressed emotions at some point, crying a bit, but that felt right and a sort of release. After about and hour or so, we stopped. My baby boy left tired, and slept for  a long time. The next day they even noted in the nursery how up-beat and balanced he appeared. He seemed to have no more pain. Thank you for this alternative treatment to antibiotics.”
M.J., Switzerland, 2015

“It was an amazing experience for me. I’ve heard stories about craniosacral a couple of times before. But I had no idea what to expect. I’ve been following Lillian’s personal development around it closely, until one day, in a period of intense challenges in my life, I’ve decided to have a session with her. I lay there while Lillian gently put her hands close to my head, and slightly covered my body with energy, with out touching me. In a period of an hour, more or less, the inner tension and confusion begun to come to an end. For the first time in a long time, I remembered what relaxation and being centred was all about. “You’ve done all the work”, she said. But I still have my doubts. In the coming days, things started shifting inside me, tensions melted away, and a lot of energy moved through my stomach and down and out of my legs and feet. It was as if everything that was out of place was coming back into balance again. I felt a lot lighter after the treatment and much more at ease.”
Alvaro D.S., The Netherlands, 2014