Workshops and Classes

Spring 2018

Free your heart-Fridays!!
Beginners Class, meditation on the heart and 12-chakra, in Ashfield starts
on Friday, April 20, 10-11 AM. Please RSVP for details


Meditation Class, 12-chakra system
And all the good stuff this entails: breathing, toning, and working with higher energies. Clearing lower vibrations and density in the body. Learn to move your light in your body to release pain and clear colds.

Tuesdays, 7-8, Ashfield Village Hall, £10

5-sessions for £40




Come and enjoy a glorious Light Bath for Rejuvenation!

Raise your Light Quotient for Self-Healing and a natural boost

We will clear the physical, emotional and mental body and our energy field to be filled with bright light, inner smiles and joy. We will invoke arching Metatron, the ascension light master, for this meditation.

This is a powerful cleanser and wonderful natural boost for our entire system, clearing out stuff that we held on to for potentially many life times — we will leave all tingly with joy!

Let go of the old stuff, mental and emotional densities and shadows at the end of the year.

If the moon will show we can also do a quick outdoors light exchange with this great friendly master!

DEC 3, 2017
Ashfield Village Hall

£10 Bring your yoga mat or/and pillow, chairs are available

12-Chakra Meditation – learn to master your energies

Learn to activate and illuminate your 12-chakra system to access higher information and the knowledge accumulated through all your life times on earth, and to anchor your being firmly into mother earth.

The earth has moved out of the 3rd dimension ascending into the 5th. We can choose to go with her on this evolutionary path and use the wisdom that is accessible to us activating our full 12 DNA strands. 12-chakra meditation is the essential way to activate your full potential and to increase your vibration at this specific time in human evolution, which you chose to witness and contribute to – why else would you be here?

Breathing exercises and toning will continue to accompany these classes.

Read more about the ascended chakras we are now called upon to activate in order to raise our vibration and understand more about who we are as human beings HERE, as well as my experience of meditation HERE.

Starting September 5, 2017
Dunblane Centre, Dunblane
7-8PM, every Tuesday

£10 drop-in

5-week class 
Starting September 6, 2017
The Yoga Tree, Stirling
Wednesdays, 5.30-6.30PM

£48 for the block
£10 drop-in



New Workshop Series on Self-Healing
Becoming Human Workshop Series 2017
You Can Heal Your Life


Learn to self-heal in your everyday life

The human condition is one of health and joy. Certain experiences in life, though, can create cell memory that effects negative mental patterns which manifest in the body as discomfort, dis-ease, and in time, as dysfunction. We can learn to work with physical and emotional pain as signposts to rebalance our lives. These four sessions want to offer first insights into this work — to learn to use the resources in and around us to self-heal.

You will learn 

  • to listen and talk to your body;
  • to observe your thoughts and discern them;
  • to understand the very direct mind-body relation (we manifest our body through our thought forms); 
  • to use your breathing for exchange and release;
  • to work with different components of healing to clear out what is old (cell cleansing);
  • to apply basic craniosacral techniques, and gain many universal insights.  


4-session Workshop 

Each session includes two parts. The first part focuses on a presentation on one healing component (energy, light, water, and sound) and how we can work with their component in our everyday lives to create well-being. This will include lots of examples from my experience as a craniosacral therapist and light mover. This short talk is followed by a lengthy Q & A for participants to discuss and expand on the matter presented according to the group’s need. After a short break, in the second part, we well use meditation practices, and other healing exercises, including craniosacral techniques, to deepen the learning, and to expand our perception.

More detailed programme 

March 25: Cell cleansing: energy. We are energy. Everything is energy, and all energy interacts. Energy is conscious, and has intent and purpose. We are vibration, waveform, ever moving and ever ex/changing. How can deeply understanding this truth improve our health and healing? How can we apply this knowledge, once it is understood? We will look into many examples, and practices.

This day includes meditations, and an introduction into bio-dynamic craniosacral work.

This first session lays in many ways the ground for the other three days. If you cannot attend that day, though, don’t worry, I will repeat the main points many times over throughout the entire workshop.

March 26: Cell cleansing: water. Water is waveform and movement. We will create insights into working with water in our everyday life to resolve rigidity in our thinking, and therefore in our bodies. We will learn to work with the water that we are and the water in us (craniosacral fluid) as a water being on a water planet, and we will look into water-to-water communication for healing, this day includes meditations, craniosacral technique.

April 1: Cell cleansing: light. Light-Fire-Joy. How can the light in and around us be used for healing? We will hear about and make contact with the light in our cells, and with the light that we are as energy beings, a beings from light and love. Our vision is an aspect of light too. We will look into working with and moving light, this includes meditations and craniosacral techniques and other light work.

April 2: Cell cleanings: sound. We manifest in this world through sound, we shape energy through sound. Abracadabra, says the old Aramaic wisdom: I create as I speak. What does that mean with regard to our wellbeing? How does vibration affect our cells and our health?  This day will include toning exercises and craniosacral lung and throat techniques, we will talk about ‘what feeds us’ too.

Wee Yoga Room, Bridge of Allan, 88 Henderson St, FK9 4EX

Saturday/ Sunday, March 25/26, 3-5.30PM
Saturday/ Sunday, April 1/2, 3-5.30PM

It is possible to attend a single day/s only.

£40 (concession 30) per day, 150 (concession 120) for 4 days.
Water/tea included. Some reading material included.

IMPORTANT: Please let me know if you need to sit on a chair, or whether you can sit on the ground on a mat.

If possible before March 20, please. 
For questions and to reserve a place, text or call me — 07949059677.

Find out more about my work, and befriend me on Craniosacral work – Remember who you are.

Looking forward to working with you,

Lillian Fellmann


Conversation series 2016

Natural Living and Self-Healing

As a light worker and craniosacral therapist, I am asked many important questions by my clients. In this series, I want to offer some guidance on some of the answers. The short talks are followed by ample space for questions and answers, and a guided meditation will be offered.

Once a month we will come together to look at a topic.


You are not your body, you are not you mind.
All energy manifests into form through the thoughts that we think and how we feel about these thoughts. 
You are an universal, eternal being.
You are energy.


Sound is the prime mover.

We talk each other into being. If you have been harmed in this way by negative or aggressive words by others, this will create distortion in your light body. Your light body will manifest this interference in your physical before it restores itself back into perfection. If you have been talked into being in a negative manner over a long period of time, say you were harshly and continuously judged by a parent when you grew up, you will start to internalise that judgement, and begin to self-judge and judge others. The heart-mind split will take place.

In time your physical will show signs of dis-ease, if the harm went deeper, illness (i. e. lung issues, migraines, stiff neck, tumor) can result later in life if this negative cell memory was not released through loving attention, and supported self-healing. 


We are eternal and universal beings. Constantly interacting with all the energies in the universe. We have a light body and a physical body. We manifest our form through our thought forms. We create our own health.

What is pain?
How can we raise our vibration to release negative cell memory?
Shadow work
Ascension symptoms
How can we cleans our cells in our daily routine? 

Cleansing meditation. Toning.

~ FOOD (September 16, !!! simply nood Cafe, Bridge of Allan, FK9 4HS)

Human beings are beings of love and light.

We are energy and vibration, and water beings on this planet. 

We ideally nurture ourselves with what supports that natural state, which is, in fact, water, light and love. Or high vibration (non-toxic, loving, evolving, free). This does not just concern alimentation, but also the thoughts, words and feelings that sustain us. 

The talk will touch on
-toxicity in the body;
-the principle of Ahimsa: Do no harm;
-addictive food and food that affects the brain chemistry;
-the sweetness of life;
-and, what water is to us.

As always, this includes meditations.
Flyer_Food_Sept 2016

~ CHILDREN AS GUIDES (October 21) 

We are beings of love and light. We come here to work with mother nature, to help her ascend. We also choose our parents so we can work with exactly the challenges/imbalances that we need for our evolution.

Who is guiding who – the role of children for our evolution?
The age of teaching is over. What does that mean?
As eternal beings, energy beings on a water planet, who is our true family?

As linear time does not exist, we have access in every single moment to all the many phsyical forms that we have manifested on this earth since the first cell split. In this life and all the parallel (what we used to call former) lives. How can this knowledge help us to heal ourselves, to be free?



~ DYING AND CONSCIOUSNESS (December 16 and January 18, 2017)

Fear not, be free. 
The rainbow body.
Where we come from, where we are. 



Ashfield, Village Hall, FK15 0JN
7-8.30 pm, suggested donation £10 per person

For further information, or to receive the programme, contact me:
Text or phone 07949059677, or email