ABOUT: Higher facts & higher choices

I have helped many people all over the world to learn to distinguish between what they ARE, and what they ARE NOT. What is from them and what is not from them. Remembering this is needed so we can refresh our screen and see…truly SEE ourselves…ever in motion, with limitless potential for change and ever upgrading….Our true seeing is an INNER SEING, INNER KNOWING, which comes from an inner platform. This shift of our camera angle or perspective is what I offer humanity…and you know what, it is joyful and fun to remember this, why? Because we remember our natural state of being human as a large and powerful field of consciousness and complex data incarnate. Free and safe at all times. THIS IS A HIGHER FACT.


It seems to me that there is a point in every life, where we get the chance to re-think and re-arrange our beliefs and convictions. Often, we choose to oppose this awakening with fear and inner doubt…when THE OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS to raise up, though, it is a moment beyond precious! Be fearless, embrace it. Against all odds. HOLD YOUR LIGHT. MAKE A HIGHER CHOICE. I am here to support exactly this moment in your life.

This blog is where I share [practices & observations] on how we can remember to live empowered lives. How we can remember the higher facts about what we are as human beings, and how we can make higher choices to transform our old programming. Don’t we all want to be free and feel safe and loved? Let me tell you, this is inner work, which projects out…it demands the experience of your full spaciousness god-being, no book can get you there.

Find a wealth of practices and pointers in this blog. Please leave your comments so I can improve my services, let me know WHAT MATTERS TO YOU.

Please have a peak at my updated training schedule at higherfacts.org:

[MASTER CLASS] physical workshops in Interlaken or where ever else I am invited to; we work in groups of various sizes.

[ONLINE SESSIONS] themed and guided global ZOOM sessions to visualize and practice clearing & inquire together; be curious and engage live with questions and answers…so exciting!

[PRIVATE TRAINING FOR SELF-HEALING]: Get in touch for a 100% personal clearing session, cut to your needs and questions, online (WhatsApp/ZOOM) or in a physical meeting at Heilpraxis Fellmann, Interlaken, or frauenpraxis-fellmann.ch, Bern.

8 Replies to “ABOUT: Higher facts & higher choices”

  1. Hi Lilly,

    I come to Scotland the first week of August is it possible that we meet up.
    Please Let me know so I can book my flight( maybe a little bit longer)

    Love karen


    1. Hi Catherine

      The talk will be at Ashfield village hall, it includes a lengthy questions and answers part and a guided meditation.
      Suggested donation is £10.

      See the Events link on my website.

      Thank you, I hope to see you soon,


      1. Hi Catherine, the next talk in the series takes place this Friday. It is on the aspect of who sounds and vibration in our words and thoughts help us to heal. We will discuss the fact that we create when we speak, and who we can create health in the world and in us. Donations are welcome, anything from 5 pounds on is fine. Hope to see you,


  2. Is this a one off course and how much is it.? Do you have to book in advance. I have never heard off this before. Sorry if I have misunderstood the page xx


    1. Dear Susan Thank you very much for your interest. Classes take now place on: Tuesday evenings, 7-8PM, beginners to advanced 12-chakra meditation, and on Fridays, 10-11AM, beginners class, meditation on the heart and 12-chakra. Both in Ashfield Village Hall, Ashfield is a small community situated a couple of minutes outside of Dunblane, please get in touch to discuss in more detail, All my best, cranioashfield@gmail.com, 07949059677


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