Lillian Fellmann


More than anything else, I understand the urgency on earth for humans to remember who we are as human beings — divine and eternal beings, incarnated for a short while to do good for this planet, and to work on our own evolution. All of this can be achieved when we live in heart-consciousness, and not in ego-consciousness.

Once we decide that we can learn and evolve without emotions and pain, but through unity and connectedness with all that is, honouring our own learning and the tests we sought, then there will be no more pain, and no more wars. We will be in our full power once more. It is up to us entirely.

I was born clair-cogniscant with full remembrance of where I come from, and what my task is on earth. 

My first memory of practising self-healing is at the age of five with my father who used to do shiatsu to recover from a very harmful accident. I would consciously connect my energy with mother earth, let our vibration melt and see myself expand into my true self, reaching up and out, being unlimited space and wisdom. My mother introduced me to connecting with other dimensions and to support others’ pain transformations, as she has used her powers of healing to work with many souls to support their ascension.

I trained with many masters on earth and in the universe since I was born.

In 2010, I chose to learn from Etienne Peirsman how to listen to the physical cells with my hands. I soon discovered that I can hear/feel/see energy and information in the energy without using my hands. I then started to do daily work with mother earth supporting her clearing and ascension process. I started to use my highly evolved intuition to release pain and fear in others.

I am guided in all I am. I am master in all I am.


  • Bio-mechanic Craniosacral Work at the Peirsmann Cranio Sacral Academy in the Netherlands,
  • Somato-Emotional release techniques, Peirsmann Cranio Sacral Academy
  • Qualified in Craniosacral Work to guide dying people, Peirsmann Cranio Sacral Academy
  • Self-trained in bio-dynamic techniques and vibrational practices, inspired by Louise Hay and Hugh Milne. I learned to excel my inner seeing and visualisation from many initiates of the old ways.
  • 12-Chakra activation and rebalancing, as introduced by Diana Cooper
  • Meditation training at Sri Chinmoy Centre in Amsterdam and Den Haag

Lilly 2017 _taken by Fredrik Elg. Malmo backstage

I would be very happy to meet you, or answer any questions you might have.

Please contact me to learn more about my work:

+44 7949059677