Lillian Fellmann

Master of Arts
Master of Philosophy
Master Intuitive

My first memory of practising self-healing is at the age of five with my father who used to do shiatsu to recover from a harmful accident. I would consciously connect my energy with earth, let our vibration synchronise and sense myself melt into her, becoming formless and unlimited; I loved that feeling of disappearing and becoming. My mother introduced us children to connecting with other dimensions and to support others’ pain transformations.


I trained with many masters in the body and in the etheric, and keep expanding my perspective on human life on earth.


  • Earth healing (innate knowledge)
  • 12-chakra activation (Diana Cooper & Tim Whild) to release densities and support the personal evolution  
  • Transformation techniques (Louise L. Hay) to rebalance old wounds
  • Energy based craniosacral work (Hugh Milne)
  • Craniosacral Work to guide the dying,
  • Somato-Emotional-Release techniques,
  • Bio-mechanic craniosacral work at the Peirsmann Cranio Sacral Academy in the Netherlands, (2011-15)
  • Transcendental meditation at Sri Chinmoy Centre in Amsterdam and Den Haag