Remote healing

Remote healing is healing work in the many, many layers of our etheric, spirit selves.

When starting to do this work, I connect to the vibrational code of the one who seeks information. I need a name, maybe a birthdate, or a voice recording, or I link in through someone who knows that person well.

I first seek permission to work with him or her, and if yes, the download begins. I receive a variety of data and codes relevant to the issue. Visuals and transformations follow. Higher self guides me as how to read and release energy, light. It is work from higher self to higher self, which is our natural level of guidance, but for most of us still hard to access.

As this work is not bound to the earthly planes, it is very quick and effective. Usually, relief is immediate and keeps having a positive effective.

Remote work can also be beneficial in order to get answers to concrete questions regarding your life, work, relationships, when you feel stuck, or to collect more, or more subtle (that seems otherwise difficult to access) information.

Remote viewing is part of all my sessions, but not in as high a degree as in remote healing.