It is a game we can win

The virus in China was man-made. To test it out and to see wether a vaccine can be found. Real world labyrinth play executed by a ruthless government. It has been done before any times over. Ford Foundation decided to decimate the Indian population in the 60ies and mass sterlizied women, brutally and often without telling them what they did, many died cause no ody checked upon them after the unclean surgery, to the point that women were sought after and sold for the highest bidder a generation later. Lots to heald in the féminine collective. Mâle Africans were vaccined by the same fou dation for tests and to reduce the population telling them they were protecting them from a disease. The disease could have been healed through raising their vibration, giving them work and support for their life circumstances to change so they could feel pride, self-respect and love and hope for their life circumstance. The same is said about the Aids virus, it was injected and spread well, because their was a substantiallevel of self-loathing in place in the gay community. Fear and self-hate attract viruses, that’s the law of attraction playing out in the quantum world.

The vaccine that China is developing will again be a tool to control society. Vaccines are low vibrational energy, yes a healthy organism builds antibodies. Yes, we as light beings can transmute and neutralize any toxins in our bodies. Still, can we now start to discuss what really keeps us healthy and how to deal with a virus as consciousness, as energy, vibrational information ? Vaccines silence the body’s high frequency guiding and signaling language. Information is being repressed.

Love up what is if a low vibration. Claim it, embrace it, transmute it. Learn to work with the spirit world to speed this process up.

I have just done this a few weeks ago. I loved and talked to the consciousness of my cold to godeepi to its gift of healing. I had a very, very high fever. And while I was present as my higher, etheric self, I was instructed and collaborated with higher level creator beings on how to respond to what was going on. While others would have said, crao, I don’t want an intense cold with fever, why me? I knew exactly why me and the teaching and healing of old data of pain was super powerful. I was greatful.

As a global collective we can do the same. Go in and lift whatever seems to shake our planet from a higher perspective. Raise above fear into our power as creators and alchemists.


Coffee makes me dumber (AUTSCH)

Have you realized this too? When I drink coffee in the morning, my nervous systems shoots pain information in my brain. My synopsis fire about and my entire body screams, FREEZES AND FEELS CRAMPED UP. My brain disconnects from the rest of my body and my thinking changes into a slightly aggressive mode. I might lack the kick I get from coffee–which at times CREATES JUST THE RIGHT LEVEL OF ALERTNESS, physically (nerve-based) more than mentally.

I am clearly dumber on coffee too, my thinking style is hick-hacked and I say dumb things too. Like today, when my kids came both home from school around midday feeling unwell (really, they needed a broke from the linearity of the system they feel breathing down their neck every day, RIGHT VS. WRONG, uff, who can possibly thrive in this limited world view….).

Anyhoe, I texted a friend saying that I guessed this would be another week of me not creating the outcomes I so longed for with regard to my healing work, creating videos and workshops and writing in my BLOG, I would need to cancel meetings…..because my children will need my attention.


A few hours later, I assume, when my nervous systems had balanced itself back into its natural rhythm, higher data came through, and I had to laugh and wonder: I am so lucky to have my kids. They are so smart to take time off to rebalance themselves. Having them at home compromises my SPACE OF CREATION not in the least. It is an invitation to be in the HEART, to DIVE DEEP INTO LOVE AND THE EXPRESSION OF CARING which GUESS WHAT: boosts my Higher Self experience, my creative output and my flow because I AM GOING UP….and if needed – on this LOVE HIGH – I can work into the night…needing even less sleep…. BECAUSE BEING IN LOVE, REMEMBERING TO BE LOVE…..IS BEING IN GOD VIBRATION…….IN HEALING MODE….IN EXPANSION STYLE..

RISE UP to be your highest Self

Everything is possible when we can let go of SELF-LIMITATION.

I don’t know what does the trick for you.. what pushes you out of your perfectly balanced state… Something in me wants to shout out to the world…. Please, let us get stronger, let us CHOOSE OUR HIGHEST STATE……PLEASE NO MORE…NO MORE STUPID THINKING ….NO MORE thought energy that takes us down….never never never forget that WE ARE THE SPACE, WE ARE WATER BEINGS ON EARTH, WE ARE FROM THE STARS, WE ARE LIGHT, WE ARE MOTION…..nothing can limit us EXCEPT OUR OWN BELIEFS…..let’s start to MANAGE OUR ENERGY, OUR LIGHT …. conscious choice, once more, choice that supports YOUR SOUL EVOLUTION…let’s go for that ….let’s do it….again and again, no blame, no guilt, no disappointment…. just learning..ENJOY

357 Songs and Sacred Sights

2020 the year of projects and trials

This new year started off already quite different from others. The energy is exhilarating, full of promise and novelty. Some say it is because of the level of unicorn energy that is pouring in, perky, clearing and relentlessly purifying. So absolutely dedicated to let us experience something new. The excitement of mother herself needs our balanced thought and emotional energy to support her. Unity consciousness and mutual support and blessings is a great tool to do so—the first step into balance is clearing and (ancient wound) healing.

In 2020, I will practice my personal programme of manifestation and cosmic cooperation. Every morning during my clearing and connecting down and up and out, I will open myself up … I will open my telepathics … to anchor in an upgrade, new data FOR THAT DAY AND FOR YOU … and I will translate the donwload into words and sounds … INTO *357 SONGS AND SIGHTS*, prayers and practices, to lift mother, clear the water, bless the mountains and support the happiness of all beings.

Please join me, leave your comments…share your experiences…

Torn between saving the world and watching a new series on Netflix

My sister and I went through few days of being torn between wanting to realize our dreams and projects, and feeling like something constantly pulled the break. Really unpleasant this pull in two directions. I have not checked the Schuhmann resonance yet, it might well have an influence (it is a scientific measurement to indicate the level of energy, which is flooding the earth to upgrade us all). My sister feels its the premenstrual hormones making it hard to be in satisfying production flow, which is interesting to observe. Blockages and fear patterns show more clearly in those times.

I decide to explore another path, though. I sit with the information that I find in me, that stark and calling bit of densified data in my chest. First there is this the emotion of tangible despair. A roughly 30 centimeter long twisted whitish bit of energy torn, just right of my heart in the middle of my body. I sense into it and make immediate contact with deep fear of failure, a very old wound of not having achieved before what I came here to do. Hundreds if not thousands of times. Each of these lives have been training or boot camps on this planet to prepare myself to face shadow, to deal with shadow on earth, around her and in her and in all the beings. I am ready. And still this old, old wound ….that reverberates somewhere in the vastness of my soul aspects, in one or the other of my billions of life-experience-threads…has the power to shake me. Enough to create a blockage in my higher trust and deep-seated knowing of freedom and flow. What to do?

I sit down in silence and contact my spirit team to heal the wounding where my body indicates that it sits white and shining. And to harmonize this healing with my intense urge to succeed, to be love and light and to raise up into the highest layers of this and other universes to do work there. To pull down as much healing light as I possibly can. So, my list to my spirit team goes as follows: Harmonisation of the data in my wound, the unimpeded will to push on and up and the former experience of what my mental pattern labels “failure”. Secondly, the continuous and unhindered flow of manifestation of my increasing soul confidence, subliminal and not. Third, complete integration of my highest soul-god-light in my body. Oh, yes, never be modest with what you so very much feel in you, tell the universe…it is on the outlook for human incarnates who dare to reach back up into the full glory of their light-love…

This is very deep work on very old wounds who hold layers and layers of conscious and unconscious data to be cleared and loved up. More clearing will be needed, and it will show me more shadow. Be it mine or be it from the collective. Each time the (light) work at hand gains authority. Meaning the speed for change increases.

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