Ascended Chakras

“Working with our 12 chakras is the essential way to access all the information that is available to us to ground ourselves firmly on this planet.”

The earth has moved into the 4th dimension and it continues to move up into the 6th until 2032.

As earth is changing, we are changing. We are not the same as a species that we were even 10 years ago. Our energy is much higher and our chakras spin at a much higher speed to integrate information and to create the new.

The 7 chakras exist no more. We have access to the 12 again. 

The incoming energies to help the earth ascend are very intense and of a high frequency. They release density and wash the planet. This shows in extreme weather patterns of clearing and cleansing with ice, rain, cold and heat.

“Think only golden thoughts!”

Obviously the human being is greatly impacted and blessed by the ascension process too: our heart chakras pop open, we want more than just survival. We call in change, which means extreme experiences to release the old structures in us and around us.

We have colds, pains, tumours, cancers, or depressions, and more. We’r not ill, we chose change and we are changing. We must continuously raise our vibration and clear out the old, old concepts, old ideas, old fears, for our bodies to heal and adapt.

We must work with our 12 chakras to clear out information from this and other life times, and to please stuck energy and belief systems from the collective chakras.

The 12 energy centres or chakras we work with now are spinning much faster than the old ones. They are of a higher frequency and therefore have the colours silver, platinum, white and gold for the most part. With pink, the colour of love in the universe, being of high importance too. We have diamonds and crystals, dragons and angels, and many Ascended Masters at our side to support this clearing.

12-chakras image

Learn to master your energy

When our 12 chakras are activated we can light up in an instance. To clear all old data in us and on earth.

“We must remember that we are the alchemists we have waited for.” 

At this moment in human evolution, we get the chance to outgrow our self-limitation and stretch once more into our higher, eternal and ever-expanding selves. Our 12 DNA strands are being activated.

“As beings from the stars, and beings from the earth, we must bridge both.”


I offer meditation classes for humans to learn to work with these higher energies and to self-heal mind, body and soul. 

Find meditation classes in 2018 here.






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