Working with Babies

Most souls that are from now on incarnating come in at a very fast frequency. That means they are fully conscious of their soul mission and powerful nature as a human being. They are pure love.

These babies or children know they come here to do work for us all.

Clearly, many of them will have a hard time within the first months or years in this much denser energy on earth. Some of them might choose to take on low and harmful vibrations from their parental lines, or the world in general, to clear and cleanse it out – they might be diagnosed with dysfunctions or illnesses. Energetic release or rebalancing might be highly beneficial for these babies to support their soul missions.

Autism — wisdom withdrawn

Some souls come in on such a high vibration that they have to withdraw parts of their souls for protection. We call them autistic. Actually, they are communicating very clearly, telling us that our world needs to change, raise its vibration, re-gain wisdom and live in unity instead of fear and control. Once the vibration on earth has changed,  they can show themselves and share their wisdom and knowledge.

Rebalance your baby’s or child’s energies

In general, evidence suggests that it is worth considering taking your baby or child to be checked over by a cranio therapist in order to give them a good start in life, and to release energetic and karmic agreements. This could help prevent many subsequent physical effects in childhood and adulthood, showing as ear problems, developmental problems, headaches, neck pain and spinal disorders.

Of cours this can be done at any time in a child’s life.